Monday, March 11, 2002

I am reading the best book on philosophy. Well, okay, its the only book on philosophy that I've read, so I dont know that its the best, and I'm also only on the 4th chapter, so I dont have a lot to go on yet, but its good, okay? Its called Sophie's World, and you should go read it (Kelly is the only one who will listen to me when I say this.)

I have fallen into the life of the unemployed chick. Sure, I'm technically employed with my Mary Kay, and going back to Spinnaker in a week or two, but face it, I have no schedule, and I'm being a lazy bum. On one hand, its great getting to sleep and do whatever, on the other hand, its getting really boring and I'm starting to feel useless. There's basically not a whole lot going on, and I'm starting to wish there were. Of course in a few months I will have so much going on that I will forget what my computer looks like and be wishing I had the time to do nothing, but as of right now, it sucks. The grass is always greener...

So, I've just noticed that its March (I'm a little slow these days). That means its gonna be April really damn soon. You know, like, in less than a month. That means a lot of rain, but temperatures over 40 degrees! I can get excited about that. And then, if things go according to plan, May will come right after April!! I am really excited about that idea.

I have obviously just eaten chocolate, because I am making no sense, but having a damn good time doing it.

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