Monday, March 25, 2002

I have just decided that my goal is to be an extra in a movie or tv show or commercial or SOMETHING by the end of this year. How hard can it be? Okay, dont answer THAT question, but if you know anywhere I can start looking.. I blame my constant attraction to theater and performing on my dad living in Hollywood for so long and going to all those fancy schmancy acting schools and stuff. I like acting, but it isnt something I'd want to do on a regular basis. Yeah, I'll probably do a few more plays before I die.. it would be fun to be on one or two episodes of a TV show, or have a minor role in a movie. Right now though, I just want to be able to rent a movie, pause it at 57 minutes and 38 seconds and say "Look, there I am! Third chick from the left standing in that line on the far left side of the screen!". That's all I want- is that so much to ask?

My current List of Things to Do with Money When I get Some

1-Pay $380 Alltel bill (preferably by end of month) to avoid a) having to buy new business cards, as mine all have my cell phone # on them, and b) the evil $ collection people attacking me in my sleep and stealing one of my most prized possessions, like my stuffed camel.

2-Order Mary Kay Stuff. People have needs, man, and its my duty to fill them! Bring on the lipstick!

3-Get hair done. 'Nuff said. When you question the idea of shaving your head daily, you know its time for a trip to the hair guy.

4-Buy DVD player. There is a super-cheap, no frills, will probably break within a year kind at Wal-Mart for $89. I must have it.

While browsing through (Daydreaming about owning item #4 so I can take advantage of this site!) I came across a movie I never knew existed, and MUST see.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949)

Here's one ball game you can't afford to miss. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra team as the most talented double-play combination to hit the major leagues since Tinker to Evers to Chance. And in the off-season, when they aren't throwing out base runners, the duo doubles as Vaudeville's hottest musical act. With Kelly tap-dancing up a storm and Ol' Blue Eyes balladeering, this grand-slam flick covers every base.

Sinatra! Movie! Sinatra!! Yay! (I am so good with words when I am excited). I must also find a movie called "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle", because Tom Robbins had a role in it!! Yay, Tom!

I am still working to come up with a new design. I really want to use this photo I took, but we shall see!

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