Saturday, March 16, 2002

I should start refering to this as the "really early saturday morning five" rather than the friday five.

1. What's your favorite animal? Horses. Followed by camels.

2. What pets have you had in your lifetime? Oh my gosh. Okay, 2 dogs, about 23987529857 cats, three parakeets, one horse, two cockatiels, 10 bettas (I think) 8 goldfish, 1 shark, 1 suckerfish, 3 guppies, 6 misc. other fish, 2 hamsters, 3 rabbits, and I'm probably forgetting a bunch more.

3. Is there any specific pet that you've wanted but never had? Why? I want a camel! WHY!? Because I love camels! Ha! I want just about every animal you can imagine.

4. Are you allergic to any animals? I'm kind of allergic to cat hair-- I'm okay if I'm just hanging out with my cat, but if she curls up on me for a while, I get all sneezy.

5. Do you have any 'pet' pet peeves (your pets or others')? I have a lot of patience when it comes to animals, way more than humans probably, so I cant really think of anything any do that really annoy me.

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