Thursday, March 21, 2002

It has been raining for more than three days now. It actually rained for more than 30 hours straight, and now its finally breaking up a little bit. I always forget just how much it rains here in the spring. Speaking of which, yesterday was the first day of spring! Woohoo!

Seventy-six days until SimuCon! I can't wait. It would be so much more fun if Rich were still going, but I still get Kelly and Kiki and everyone else. I can't believe its getting so close! I just hope I can come up with the $ in time!

Kel may be coming down for Easter, so I'm a very excited girl. I need someone to come visit me, I've been bored off my bootie! I actually spent five hours tonight, in the middle of the night, cleaning my bedroom and rearranging my furniture! The computer desk I built a few months ago finally has my computer on it. I'm rather proud. I had to collapse around 5, but I still cant sleep, and its 6:32, so I came on to type up some business emails and blog real quick.

I am absolutly freaking out about my Grand Opening. I need 15 people there to win the watch, and a lot of people I was counting on aren't going to be able to make it, and its just ONE week away now, and I hardly have anyone confirmed. I am FREAKING OUT! I dont want to end up with just like five people there! I would cry. So, um, if you live in Missouri and want to make my day, come! I'll give you free stuff and name my children after you!

I started reading "Crazy Ladies" by Michael Lee West (Who I never knew was a woman) tonight, and the first chapter is disturbing! This lady is in her kitchen with her baby, and a man comes in and tries to rape her, and tries to kill her baby, so she shoots him, but he isnt dead. Her husband comes in and the killer/rapist guy is his boss's son, and he is afraid he will get fired and lose his house, so he doesn't want to call the police. The wife ends up burrying the man alive. Crazy stuff so far! This reminds me that I need to update my list of books I'm reading, just in case any of you actually keep up with that.

Oh, I had another dream with the croc hunter in it last night. These Steve dreams must stop! There's just something WRONG about that! Anyway, we were at some zoo place in another country, I think it was India. One of the men that worked there came up and accused me of not wearing any underwear, which was some big crime in their country, I guess, so I pulled them up to show them, and I guess that was even worse, so all these security people were chasing us trying to put me in jail. Okay, someone who knows about the meaning of dreams analyze THAT one!

"We ride and never worry about the fall, I guess thats just the cowboy in us all" (Tim McGraw- The Cowboy in Me) (That's stuck in my head right now)

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