Sunday, March 24, 2002

My word of the day seems to be “kickass”, as I’ve used it about 235245 times in the last 10 minutes.

Tara says I need to make a list of 50 things I want to do in my life, and I’m gonna, but Kelly and I just discovered the first thing on the list: Go to Hollywood and rent out the Cheers set for a party! (I just learned on the Travel channel that you can DO this!)

Most disturbing moment today: Flipping to MTV and seeing Busta Rhymes performing in peach Capri pants.

You know, I have laughed more today than I have in a long, long time.

Oh, and if you need me, Kel and I are going to Hollywood tomorrow (via super-cool road trip in a rented red convertible while wearing movie star sunglasses and scarves), and then I have to be home for my Mary Kay meeting Monday, but then Tuesday we set out for Europe/Asia/Africa to study world religion. Party Buddha- Woohoo~!

10 Things I Love Right Now (in order of pop-into-my-headness)

PostcardX (You send total strangers postcards, artwork, mix tapes, etc.)

The Osbournes

Frank Sinatra songs on repeat

The new neighborhood I started in the Sims

Burger King has really good brownies for $1.29

The chili I made the other day (Recipe via Fluffy Battle Kitten)

My new betta, who is bet to be named, although after conversations with Kel tonight, I’m leaning towards calling him “Sugar Daddy”

My pink pout lip gloss.

Not sure if you can call it love, but the insane stress of trying to get 15 people to my grand opening this week. I call this my “Mini-DIQ”

The fact that within 48 hours, my mom has bought me both a hole punch (I have been looking for mine for WEEKS) and a brownie (see item #5) Mom ROCKS.

Honorable Mention: My new shoes. They aren’t quite pornstar-esque, but they do make me about 4 inches taller- good enough.

Random thought inspired by a list I’m working on- Do you know how much I’d LOVE to see a commercial involving a talking camel? I mean come on here! A camel! Talking! Advertising gold!

I met up with a high school friend today at a dress shop that she works at where I was dropping off Mary Kay stuff. She looked totally different, and it was interesting catching up. She has a morning radio show now, which I never realized before that I’d love to do. Wouldn’t that be a great job? You can go into work looking like crap, and you get this anonymous fame from it.

Tara mentioning Jerry Springer just made me really nostalgic for the days that Teela and I worked together, and we’d eat cookies all morning, do stupid things like blow bubbles with the dish soap and play with the suction cup bow and arrow set in the closet, and watch Jerry Springer and Days in the afternoons. Those were the DAYS! We got PAID for that! MAN I miss that!! Its like “Okay, you have to spend 6 hours in this awesome condo watching movies and hanging out with one of your good friends, but I’m sorry, we have to pay you to be there!” I’d love to get that back!

Can someone who is more technically inclined than me do me a big favor? Okay, somewhere in Moulin Rouge (I cant remember, I know that helps a LOT), Ewan sings the line “My gift is my song”, but the emphasis is on gift instead of My, and its just so pretty. I would love you if you could make me a .wav file of that so I can use it as my “You’ve Got Mail” (I am finally tired of the famous WDW Monorail being my Email sound- it says “Please stand clear of the Doors- Por favor…” um, the rest of that in Spanish. Anyway, its kinda long, and overplayed now. I’d also love you for the part during Spectacular Spectacular when Ewan sings “But their love is just too strong…” I have no real plan for this one, Ewan is just particularly sexy when he sings that.

I’m watching “A Dating Story” on TLC, and the chick says she wants a man with a sense of adventure. However, when her date takes her canoeing, she totally freaks out, and when the canoe tips, she says in a super-whiny voice “The water is all slimy!” So just what does she define as adventure?

I’ve decided I really want to take like, 4 days and go to San Francisco. I’d probably stay with my sister, because it would be way cheaper that way, and way more safe, but the fact is that I don’t get along particularly well with said sister, and I want the freedom to see things I wanna see, which I strongly doubt we’d agree on. So, um, can someone tell me what I want to see in San Francisco? I haven’t been there since I was like 13, so I don’t remember much. Throw some ideas my way, sil vous plait. You’d think with all the travel channel I watch, I’d have caught something about that city by now, but no such luck!

Its funny how things change. About 5 years ago, when the big funky color nail polish craze hit, I had every color imaginable- royal blue, purple, pastel orange, sparkly green, ice blue, everything. Lined up, they stretched the entire length of my bathroom counter. Now, I just found myself thinking “I can’t wait to put in my next Mary Kay order so I can get some Natural Pink nail polish! That’s gonna ROCK!” Am I just getting old? What am I saying? I’m freakin 20! So what AM I? (Now THERE is a question!)

I am so glad that MS Word has that autosave feature, because I’ve had about 10 windows open all day, and if it didn’t, I’d worry all day that I’d lose this post that I’ve been adding bits and pieces to for the last 8 hours or so.

My temporary tattoo of the moment (I’m always drawing something or another on myself) is a really cool tribal sun I drew on my ankle, copying the design on my henna tattoo kit box (I never figured out how to do henna tattoos right, which is a huge shame, because the idea of semi-permanent tattoos thrills me to no end!) I really like this sun design, and its something I’d consider getting. Only much smaller than I have it, and in a different location. PLEASE, whoever goes to Disney with me next time, don’t let me leave Epcot without getting a henna tattoo in Morocco. I don’t care if its freakin $40 for a good one, I wont regret it.

WOW! They are playing “The Thunder Rolls” on CMT, and I cant believe how young Garth looks! I continue to adore Garth, after all these years. I have a tape of my friend Christa and I singing these songs when “Ropin the Wind” first came out- my heavens we were horrible singers, but it’s a fun bit of nostalgia!

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