Tuesday, March 26, 2002

The morning started in a battle of Mario Kart on Super Nintendo with my nephew Jesse, who is here for two days. I kicked much Mario Kart bootie. Then, we decided today was Easter, and staged easter egg hunts in the house. Mom hid them first while Jesse and I searched, then I hid them for the two of them. Finally, Jesse hid the eggs while mom and I searched, which was a kick, push, pull, grab, whack sort of escapade full of laughs.

Last night I found myself whistling the tune the Sims paper girl whistles. Stepping AWAY from the computer now…

I should be in putting on makeup and doing my hair and getting out to do things which will result in either money or people at my grand opening Thursday, but all I really want to do is curl up in bed with Easter candy and a good book, or perhaps watch a video. Want a horribly embarrassing confession? I got a Backstreet Boys video off Ebay for 3 bucks. No, I’m not 13. The blonde one just keeps sucking me in, I tell you! So, perhaps I will go get easter candy and drown myself in pop goodness, and only think a few dirty thoughts. Yeah, right.

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