Sunday, March 17, 2002

When I have daughters, I never want them to stop believing, deep down, that they are princesses. I want them to believe the world is theirs. I want them to use all of the $40 an ounce bubble bath at once, and have the best damn bubble bath of their lives, instead of letting it sit on the shelf and collect dust. I want them to never be afraid to try. I want them to use their creativity, and be proud of the things they do and the things they learn. I want them constantly hungry for new experiences, for them to have an insatiable hunger for the things that make their eyes light up and their jaws drop. I want them to understand the little joys in life. I want them to seek out the big, wonderful things that I know will be waiting for them. Let these girls stand up for the things they believe in, let them make up their own minds about things, and let them learn from their mistakes. Let them be strong. Let them have friends that will be by their side no matter what, that they can tell everything to, and hear everything from in return. Friends that will never judge them, never outgrow them, never move on. Let them believe from day one that their lives are very important. Let me remember to remind them every day how happy I am to be with them.

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