Tuesday, April 02, 2002

...In which Miss Audrey has arrived, and then I ramble on...

Today certainly had its high point. I went to wal-mart for no particular reason, and as usual found myself wandering over to check out the new bettas. My eyes went to a white one on the top shelf, thinking "That's funny, they dont usually have white.. and wow his fins are really short... OH MY GOSH! They got FEMALES!!" I picked out a super-cute feminine looking girl, and then figured that since I had no cash, it would be a good idea to check my bank account ballance to make sure I had enough for a fish. I ran to the ATM, and of course, discovered that I had exactly fourty-five cents in my account. No, I'm serious. I made it to the bank and back, happy to find that my chosen chick-fish was still there, and informed her on the drive home that there were 7 males who would be very excited to see her, and that her name was Audrey. I can't figure out which one of the fish to breed her to yet, and I want to read up on it more first (Conversation today: My sister- "Whatcha doing?" Me-"Reading about fish sex!" Sister-"Nevermind") I have this kinda scary mental picture of ending up with like 50 fish babies, and having nowhere to put them all. Would I actually be able to part with them to sell them? I'm leaning towards Sugar Daddy to be the designated breeding boy the first time around, but the whole decision isnt final.

WELL, now that you are caught up on the sex lives of my fish (Since I know you were dying to know!) lets move on! Is it time to worry about your life when that sort of thing is the main hilight of your day?

I woke up today convinced I'd sell $100, do 3 interviews, and get 5 bookings. Unfortunatly, my momentum wore off around 8am, and I have thus far only done one interview, and none of the other stuff. I'll go for it again tomorrow, I guess. I really hate that I have the most motivation and drive from around the time I wake up (4-6am-ish these days) until about 9am. Unfortunatly, anyone smart is asleep at that hour, so I can't make business calls, and hardly any businesses are open, so I cant go out and run errands or talk to people at their jobs. So I sit at home writing up this plan for the day that is great in theory, and then never really follow through. Its frustrating. I need more self discipline, I dont want to feel like I need someone standing over me poking me and telling me to get to work, I want to feel like I can handle that myself.

I did have a decent reason for not getting much done, my sister came for about four hours, sans kids this time, so I got a chance to just hang out and be goofy. We had a lovely time going through the music on my computer and singing along to "We are Siamese" and "Walking 'Round in Women's Underwear" Fun, fun fun.

You've probably noticed I'm rambling again. Honestly, its almost 10pm, and I've only written for 22 minutes so far today, which is obviously a bit short of the whole basis behind the April Hour A Day Dare. Thankfully, I've already blown 14 minutes writing here, so hopefully I will get to sleep eventually. Damn commitment. And yet notice that I stick to the commitment with no stakes and no real benifit, but screw up on the one that could make me some money and further my business. Humm.

I think I'm going to add another little category on the sidebar titled "Dollars in DVD Fund", because as I've probably mentioned, I've decided that its absolutly essential to my existance that I get a DVD player. The very cheapest one I can find is $89, and then I must have the Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail & Moulin Rouge DVD's to start off with, so I really need about $130. Current $ in DVD fund: $10. Thankfully, Netflix offers a free 30 day trial, so I'll have a whole month to come up with the $20 to pay for the following month of DVD goodness.

I ran into Susie twice today while I was out running errands and she was working (she delivers mail) We caught up on things a little bitm and I found out that she has a new stallion that I really need to go see, and that she has all of next week off, so I may be doing some riding. Sadly, she sold one of my favorite horses of hers, so I dont know which one I'll be riding in the future. I really didn't think she would ever sell that horse, but I guess nothing is final these days. At this point though, I really am not feeling picky about which horse I ride, I'm just dying to ride and re-connect with that whole part of myself. I really, really hope we can get in a few good rides soon.

Did I tell you that Amanda may be renting a house with a barn? I'll keep this short just in case I did, since I'm too lazy to look back and rememer everything I've said lately. Basically, if she gets this house, I'll not only have a MUCH more convenient place to keep Emmett, but somewhere to ride, too. I have my fingers and toes crossed on this one.

Sixteen minutes left. I think I'm going to go write some fun little haikus. Perhaps sometime soon I'll have something that I honestly feel is worth posting about.

It is so hard to concentrate on writing when Ozzy Osbourne is dressed up in Moulin Rouge garb on tv. This show will be the end of me, I tell you.

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