Sunday, April 14, 2002

I am a clutz. If you remember, I was supposed to get off work early today and go ride. I had kind of been debating it all day because the weather was kind of icky, my back hurt a lot, I was still sore from riding a few days ago, and I was having allergy issues and feeling generally icky. I decided to go anyway, and was on my way out to my truck after leaving work, and stepped weird on the curb, and twisted my ankle. I ignored it and started driving, but a minute later I noticed it hurt, so I went back to work to see how it would be in about 15 minutes. Well, it was still hurting, so I decided to just give in and stay at work. They really needed me anyway, since it was a really busy day. I was mad at myself for yet another injury.

Yes, I can lack grace in my day to day life, thats why I want to study dressage. Dressage is a very precice, graceful sort of riding. I found this picture that can give you a general idea, if you have no idea what its like. Its a definite challenge for me though.

I yelled at the TV tonight when the rain knocked out my satellite reception and screwed up my Trading Spaces. Addicted? Nah. I just have a crush on the carpenters. And I want to keep Vern.

I had planned to write a lot more tonight, but I am really sleepy, and need to get up extra early tomorrow so that I can wash my hair before work, so now I sleep!

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