Thursday, April 04, 2002

I am getting desperate in my search for a redesign. I came up with this, but it is severely lacking. I'd give anything to have a design as cool as this one. Perhaps someday I will get some talent for this design stuff.

Looking at the sky through the trees in my back yard, it looks exactly like Starry Night- a swirl of blues and yellows and blacks. It is beautiful.

I learned today that the majority of people in Hong Kong live in apartments that average 200 square feet, for your average family of 2 adults and 2 children. Isnt that insane? When I get a place of my own, I need at least a good 600 feet just for myself, I cant imagine sharing just 200 with three other people. How do they not kill each other?

The phone has rung about a million times in the past hour, but nobody answers it- dad doesn't because he doesn't hear it, and I don't because of indifference. I'm not much of a phone girl, and I avoid answering it unless I know for sure that whoever is calling is someone I want to talk to.

I put Audrey and Sugar Daddy today, and he was really pretty nice, but when he started beating her up, I just couldn't take it and had to take her out. (The male & female betta fight to show each other that they are both strong enoug to take care of babies, but it made me sad!) Now she is just hanging out in her little tank (Heh, actually its his, I felt bad, I tell ya.. he is in the jar) She is hiding under the little plant I put in there, she's been under there on and off.

I'm already screwing up on the April Hour a Day Dare, as I've only written about 10 minutes today, but I'm really really sleepy, so I shall write 2 hours tomorrow.

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