Thursday, April 11, 2002

I am having one of those mornings where I just can’t quite get going, probably because I overslept. I’m only half dressed, and have quite a bit to get done before I go ride, such as stopping by work to drop off some samples for someone, but I just want to sit in my chair and read online journals and such. I cant even decide what shirt to wear riding, its like my thought process is still trying to catch another half hour of sleep. I’ll wake up once I’m on a horse though, I have a feeling my body will spring to life with that recollection of “Oh yes! This! This is what I do!”. My body knows its purpose in life is to ride, even though my brain seems to think that sleep is more important. I cant wait to get out there and groom Thumper (little grey mare I’m riding) before I ride- I love love love grooming. And Ms. Thumper is all muddy, so I have my work cut out for me. I will have her looking like she is ready to enter the ring at the Olympics in no time flat, even though we’re just going out trail riding. I am going to be SORE tonight. I haven’t used those muscles that riding uses in so long, and Susie’s trail rides of Death usually go on for hours and hours. I will come back tired and sore and probably a bit scratched up (Humm, no trail? We can make one here!), but I will be feeling so refreshed, and so.. good!

My dear female fish Ms. Audrey died last night, and I have absolutely no idea why. Maybe the pressure of living in the same house as seven males who all wanted her was just too much. Its kind of a mystery, but it makes me sad- she was a neat fish. I don’t think I will get another female for a while, because I’m obviously too whimpy to breed them just yet, and if I did breed, what on earth would I do with all those baby fish? The seven I have have taken over my bedroom, what would I do with 50 more!? So, I’ll get around to breeding eventually, but for the time being, its just me and the boys.

And I think I’m finally awake, so I’m gonna go search for my grey t-shirt with my horse’s name on it, since that seems like a good shirt to ride in today. I have jeans on, and know where my boots are, so at least there’s a start. Socks have to be around here somewhere, right?

And will someone leave me a comment just for the hell of it, because I’m not sure how well my comment system is working these days.

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