Thursday, April 11, 2002

I am so, so very mad at my computer. I typed up a big long post on AOL, was JUST copying it to paste into blogger, and my computer died. I lost it all. I don’t even remember what all I said, but I’m going to try. Its never the same the second time around, though.

I had a great ride today, exactly what I was needing. The horse shoer was coming at 1:30, so we only had about two hours to ride, but seeing I haven’t ridden in months, it was probably better that way. As I predicted, I’m now a little sore, and a little scratched up, but much happier. I may have mentioned how its impossible to come out of one of Susie’s Trail Rides of Death with no injuries, and today was no exception. We rode across the road from her house, and I stopped right at the beginning of the trail to readjust my right stirrup, because it was one hole too high, and starting to hurt my leg. I couldn’t adjust it while I was still on the horse, so I hopped off to fix it. However, on my way down, I managed to scrape my stomach against something on the saddle. I didn’t know it at the time, but I looked at it when I got back to the barn, and I have two icky looking scratches about two inches long on my stomach! Ow!

I rode a sweet grey mare named Thumper, who I didn’t get along with last time I rode, but adored this time. We rode for about two hours, up hills, across fields, through the creek. The creek was so high from all of the recent rain that my boots got wet. We came to a long slightly uphill stretch with good footing, so we decided to run. I can’t even begin to tell you how good that felt. A canter really is the cure to any evil, as they say. I tensed up at first, seeing its been so long since I’ve been on a horse, but was estatic to feel my body relax and automatically fall into the rocking rhythm of the gait as we flew past the trees. I yelled to Susie who was ahead of me, “This feels SO good!” There’s nothing I love more than flying across the ground on the back of a horse on a warm day. It wasn’t just the run that felt good though, it was realizing that everything that riding instructors yelled at me for so many years is natural now, that my body understands that this is what its made to do. I sit with heels down, toes in at the right angle, shoulders back.. and don’t even have to think about it. But I do it when I’m not riding too. When I drive, I click to my truck, shift my weight back onto my butt when I apply the brakes, just as if I were halting a horse. When I go around a tight corner, my weight shifts just like if I were going around a barrel. Its hard to explain how much of me it is. This all made a lot more sense the first time I wrote it, I promise.

I just watched a movie about Van Gogh coming back to life, called Starry Night. The script and the acting sucked, but it was still interesting if you’re a big van gogh fan.

I found out via AOL today that they are making a movie of The Divine Secrets of theYa Ya Sisterhood, which makes me very happy, since the whole time I was reading it, I kept thinking what a good movie it would make. I would not have cast Sandra Bullock as Sidda, though.

So, that’s the general gist of my entry from earlier, which I will sulk over losing for a few hours. Evil computer.

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