Sunday, April 07, 2002

I dont like this lack of time to myself. Yesterday I got home around 5 from work, and just crashed on my bed until about 7:30 where I watched some TV and ate until I was capable of moving again, then I came online. I was only here about 15 minutes though before I was way too tired to stay awake anymore, so I went to bed. I need my time online to relax and such! I am going to be late today- I set my clock for 6:30, but didn't get up till about 7:40. I'd rather be a little late than not have time to eat and sit at the computer for a few minutes. I've found it doesnt really matter what I *do* at the computer, but I need my time online to recharge.

Today should be quicker, since I'm working with Lou, and well, Lou is Lou. Sundays are always less busy than Saturday, anyway. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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