Monday, April 22, 2002

I had planned on writing an entry last night but I ended up, well, not. I’ve decided its time to just break down and buy myself a domain. Its mostly because I’m sick of having to get Rich to upload pictures for me so I can put them on here, because im out of space on AOL and geocities is the devil. Plus, you know, I want my own nifty address, and I’m really considering stopping the use of Blogger, and just setting up a separate page for each entry, so I can have niftier archives and such. So, if those of you who are web-smart could tell be about what hosting service you use, how much it is, what it offers, etc. I would be eternally grateful. I may even name a fish after you. Oooh, that reminds me that its Monday, and therefore new fish day at wal-mart! I really need to go before my meeting and see what they have! Neat.

So far I’m really loving my redesign, its so refreshing to have something new. My goal for today is to learn how to add a scroll bar to that top right box so I can add more info there without it running down into my main text box. Anyone know how to do that and wanna share?

I finally decided a few days ago that I was tired of waiting, I was ready to just drop everything and paint my bathroom (I’ve been watching way too much Trading Spaces!) I cleaned everything off the counters, piled it all in the cabinets or bathtubs, and was all set to go. Of course, as soon as I stepped out the door on my way to wal-mart for painting supplies, it started raining hard. So hard I couldn’t see fifteen feet in front of me as I drove, and so I turned around and came home, sad to have to put it off until the next day.

Right after work on Saturday, I went up and surveyed the paint color choices. My curtains and towels are pink, so I had been planning on light pink all along. I finally chose a color called Apple Blossom, which was pink enough to not look white, but not so pink it was nauseating. I liked it, and had the guy mix me a gallon (I was convinced I could get by on half a gallon, but everyone I talked to said I would need a gallon, so I gave in) In the mean time, I looked over the little packages of painting supplies, and ended up getting a roller with sponge-rollery thingeys, some of those little foam brush things, some tape to tape off the edges, and my FAVORITE, the edge painter. Have you ever used one of those? SO much fun. Now, you must keep in mind that my painting experience is limited to a whole lot of sets for plays in high school, and my friend Shelly’s livingroom and bedroom either last summer or the summer before (they all fade together), so I had some idea of what I was doing, but not a whole lot. I loaded everything into my truck (I was stupid enough to have not gotten a shopping cart, so I was carrying a gallon of paint in one hand, and trying to balance a tray, roller, sponge thingeys, edger, tape and coat hangers in the other hand all the way to the register). When I got home, I searched my kitchen for trash bags, having decided to just use a few of those instead of buying a drop cloth, but couldn’t find any, so I had dad go find one for me in his shed while I set to work taping off the room. When the time came, I opened my paint can and poured some into the tray. I noticed it looked a little more… purpley than it was supposed to, but I figured it would change to the right color when it dried. I started painting, having a grand old time, and making up songs as I went, such as “Martha Stewart Aint Got Nothin On Me”. Two hours and a few paint fume induced hallucinations later, I was finished! It was grand! It was beautiful! It was shiny! It was… purple!!! I really wish my little webcam could reach to my bathroom so I could show you the difference in the color I selected and the final color. Technically, the final color almost matches Party Buddha, though, so here is a picture of the difference. (Where would I be without Party Buddha?)

Okay, Party Buddha looks way darker purple than he is there. I suppose I could show you the paint tray.

That’s a bit more accurate. Have I mentioned I REALLY need a digital camera?! I am really considering changing the DVD Player fund to the Digital Camera fund. I really want one by simucon (43 days, btw!) and so that’s probably the direction I’ll go. Speaking of Simucon, I was just thinking yesterday afternoon that I really wanted some roommates, as in my opinion, that’s half of the experience. Well, as if on cue, this girl named Brannigan tells me that her roommate isn’t going anymore, and she cant afford the room by herself, so she probably cant go now. I tell her we can just share a room since I’m alone now too, and voila! Instant roommate! Well, about three hours later, Remi tells me that HER roommates cant go now, and so now I may have three roommates! I adore Remi because she is pretty much my age, and we were roommates last year, so I feel like I owe her one. I am just hoping that Branna is ok with having Remi there too. And of course we’ll have Kelly there the first night too, so it will be quite the fun room! Remi is looking into getting us a sign to put on the door that says Sweetheart’s Bungalow (Modus joke..). I am just waiting for Bran to come online so I can ask her about Remi. In short, I’m way excited about Simucon.

Oh, as I was saying before I got way off on the simu tangent, my bathroom is purple, not pink. But I dig it, so now I’m gonna get some new towels and make a new curtain, and I’ll be all set. I forgot to show you the most important picture! This is the ugly wallpaper I had before I painted:

So, pretty lilac color is quite an improvement. As I predicted, it only took half a gallon, and so I have half left, and mom wants me to do her bathroom next. Yay, more painting!

I spent my weekend at work as usual. I found out we’re opening up a new resort they just bought on the lake, and we will need people out there too, so I will probably be working full time for a few weeks, which is okay with me, because I could really use the extra money right now.

Sunday morning, I was out tossing a few cookies off the balcony to the squirrels as usual, but this one squirrel who we call the Crab, Crabby, or Crab-ass, was sitting there in the trees chattering at me the whole time like he was pissed off at me! I couldn’t stop laughing, so I went in to tell Cathy about him, and she handed me a peanut butter cookie, saying I should throw it at him to shut him up. I took it out and aimed in his general direction, with no intent of actually hitting him, I just wanted to hit the tree below him to make him shut up and stop yelling at me to give him cookies. Well, I tossed the cookie at the tree Frisbee style, and instead of hitting the tree, I hit the little guy and almost knocked him off the limb! Well, he looked at me with utter shock for a second, and then started chattering even more! I felt pretty bad that I had actually hit him, but man it was funny. I could never have that kind of aim again even if I tried.

Moving on from unintentional squirrel abuse, I got NEW SHOES yesterday! I saw these shoes about a week ago, and I have been dreaming about them ever since. Finally at work, I decided that I simply must have them, and went up right after work to get them. Look! Look how cute!

I’m trying to figure out a way to wear them to my meeting tonight so I can show them off. I am way too excited about these shoes. I also got some really nifty orange Hawaiian print pajama pants, but as much as I love them, the orange just doesn’t look good on me, so I’m going to go exchange them for the blue or green ones. I wish I could find this fabric somewhere though, because I would make pillows out of it for my new tropical room I’ll have once I, you know, get started on it.

Last night we had a blackjack tournament on Modus, which was quite fun even though I didn’t even come close to winning. I love when we have stuff where a bunch of us get together, since we do that so rarely these days. I had more fun flirting with the dealer than gambling though.

Tonight was MK meeting as usual, and it went pretty well. I built my outfit around my new shoes just so that I could wear them, so that was all kinds of fun!

I think that pretty much sums up everything that’s been going on! I wish I had some interesting way to close this, but I’m all out, so adios!

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