Wednesday, April 10, 2002

I have horse hair all over my shirt, and mud all over my hands, and I am very happy about this. I am unhappy about the fact that I have been too tired to write lately. I’m this close to falling asleep, but I’m going to give it a fair try anyway.

I ended up working this morning, from 8-2, did some shopping on my lunch break and ended up with 3 new shirts I shouldn’t have bought since I’ve put $1000 on that credit card in the last month, and a nifty new razor. I have got to stop this shopping when I have no money stuff. Really.

While I was at work, my friend Susie called to tell me her mare had had its foal, so I should come out to check it out. I was way excited about this, since it was about 80 degrees out today, and I was dying for an excuse to be outside. I really wanted to go over straight from work, but for some reason my muck boots weren’t in the back of my truck where they belong, and I was wearing white tennis shoes. New white shoes plus muddy paddocks do not work. So, I had to run home and change into my riding boots, and then drive about a half hour to her house. It’s a really nice, peaceful drive, and its on little two-lane country roads where you go 60 miles an hour around hairpin curves, and then screech to a halt to avoid the chicken in the road. I made it out there and had all sorts of fun playing with the new baby- he was born Sunday, so he’s still the littlest thing, but he’s just starting to get interested in the world around him, and a tiny bit more independent from Mom. Then Susie needed to breed a mare that had been left at her place for breeding to her new stallion Rio. The mare, however, had just foaled 9 days ago, so she couldn’t be too far away from her baby yet without freaking out. My job was to hold the foal near the fence so she could see it while she was breeding and not freak out. Sounds easy, right? The problem was that the foal, being 9 days old, was not halter broke yet, and wasn’t too excited about being around us humans to begin with. With a lot of fighting on all accounts (ours, the mare’s, and the foals!) we finally made it out to the roundpen, which was by far the hardest part. The foal would suddenly freak out about this strange device on its head (the halter) and start running backwards, which would upset the mom, who would literally pull whoever was leading her along with her back to her baby. We finally got them in the ring, and I worked on calming the foal down and convincing her we weren’t all out to eat her while the stallion was brought out. It was his first time breeding, so he was a very, very, very excited horse. He got on (Do you really want to know all of this?) and was really rather good except an incedent in the very beginning when he kicked her quite a bit trying to get a good hold on her. I swear, if only I had a picture of the expression on his face when things were finally going good for him, it was the funniest thing, sort of a “At LAST! Man, this rocks!” sort of expression. The whole thing was over very quickly, and getting the mare and foal back into the barn was way easier than getting them out, and Rio paraded around the roundpen for about 3253 hours with his head held high, as if to say “I’m the MAN!”

We decided to go ride tomorrow morning, so I’m very excited about that, seeing that I haven’t ridden in ages and I really need to. Tomorrow night I have a Mary Kay thing, so I’m hoping I can squeeze in a shower in between.

You know, it’s a really good thing that I got the movies for 7 days. Last night I was too sick to watch any, today I didn’t get home till 8 and now its almost 10, so I don’t have time to watch one before I sleep. Tomorrow I’m riding in the morning, and have a MK thing in the evening, so its pretty much shot too.

I know I jotted down some notes of things I wanted to write about today, but I just don’t have the energy to get them out and do so right now. I will add in that while browsing through BN yesterday, I came across “The Idiot’s Guide To Self Esteem”. Am I the only one who finds this ironic?

It feels so good to finally be really busy again. I’d take over not having time to write over having way too much time any day, since it’s the good kind of busy that isn’t composed of stuff I don’t want to do. Off to sleep now.

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