Monday, April 15, 2002

It has been far too long since I have mentioned my quote page. I was searching it today for some good quotes to include in the cards I'm sending out for postcardx, and fell in love with it all over again. In a way it serves as my pre-blogger journal, because I can easily remember what was going on in my life by the quotes I posted at that time.

~No! Not at all.... just because I'm the legal guardian of a pregant, quadripalegic, loaf of bread means nothing! (Erin)

~I dont wanna invade his privacy- I just wanna sleep with him! (me)

~"Hi my name is Raul the sexy islander." (From one of the great literary works of art Amanda and I wrote)

~Faster than a speeding Buddah! (Bren)

~Does just walking through it make you want to kill yourself? Well, then, its a high school!~(Mystery science theater)

~I've gotten worse burns milking a cow! (Brandy)

~Kelley, You've killed their God! (pause) Kelley, you've just killed their God again! (pause) Their God is back! Kelley, I'm beginning to think these flys are polytheistic!!" (Kelly and I set out to get rid of the Fly Gods, aka huge horseflies attacking her horse)

~I make all of my trees happy trees. I don't like unhappy trees because one bit me when I was a child! (Bob Ross-yes, he actually SAID that!)

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