Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I’ve got Zen, yes I do! I’ve got Zen, how bout you?

I really want to have a garden this year- cucumbers, tomatos, green beans, who knows what else. I even have a really cute flower pot from the dollar shop to grow something in. The problem, of course, is that I’ve had neither the time nor money lately to get things going. I’d really like to grow a sunflower, but the problem of course, is that you cant buy a sunflower seed, you have to buy a package of seeds, and I really don’t need that many. I do not need 50 cucumber plants, I need perhaps 10.

I am sick today. I even turned down going riding, but I may still go help Monica breed later. All I really want is to crawl in bed and sleep, watch movies, and read. However, I can’t find Little Altars Everywhere, and I’m determined not to start Neverwhere until I finish all these other books I’m reading. I tried reading Sophie’s world, but my brain is too mushy right now to absorb anything intellectual. So I’m sitting with a bowl full of chocolate candy that I cant stop eating, even though I have a better-than-sex lasagna in the oven.

Oh, and I stole my mom’s zen fountain today. She got it for Christmas from one of my sisters, and has never set it up. I even connected the pump for her a while back, and she still hasn’t used it, so I officially adopted it as my own today. Its sitting on the corner of my desk next to Irwin, bubbling away. I wonder how long it will be before I accidentally knock it off and send rocks and water flying everywhere.

Earlier, I was making garlic toast in the kitchen (I just concocted my own recipe and method of doing this last night because I was in the mood for some, and had no earthly idea how to make it. Mine involves too much butter and some garlic poweder) when I heard a weird noise outside. It was my neighbor’s rooster. Yes, my neighbors got chickens. I’m way too amused by this because the area we live in is far from being farm-y. Anyway, I opened the back door to find the rooster and two chickens sitting on my back porch. Yes, chickens. On my porch. Sitting. Well, standing. I decided to share my toast with them, and I’m happy to say that I found three fans of my cooking. I was so giggly at the idea that I was feeding chickens from my back door that I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of them. The best part is that my cat walks past them like she is totally used to having a rooster standing next to her milk dish. Classic. I tell you what, between their chickens and my veggie garden, I am well on my way to being one of those people with the hand-painted signs on the side of the road that read “Fresh Eggs” and ‘Tomato Plants” like I was talking to Rich about last night. This reminds me, I really have to take a picture of these signs that I pass on my way out to Em. They are the classic hand-lettered farmer signs, but these are advertising wood for sale. One says “CEdAR” (lower-case d and everything!) and the other I cant remember, but I know the N is backwards on it. I love these signs. I want to keep them! I want to hire their maker to make me my own little “Fresh Eggs” sign.

I’m really getting pissed off that Cruel Intentions has been missing from the video store for like 2 weeks now. Why must it be the one movie I want to watch that is gone!! I am very tempted to call the video place and ask them when its supposed to be back, and if they can hold it for me and such, but that seems a bit obsessive.

While I’m on the topic, can I take a minute to rant about our video stores? There is one about a mile from my house, and one over in Hollister, which is maybe 10 miles away. They are the same company, and the thing is, neither seems to have any of the movies that the other one has. And they have VERY limited selections. IE I can find the Matrix in Hollister, but Breakfast at Tiffany’s just down the road. Neither has any movies with Marilyn Monroe (Which I NEED since I’m gonna be her on Friday!)

I kinda miss tv today. My satellite has not been working for a week, and I’m craving some Travel Channel and Trading Spaces. The thing is, when they installed it, the brainiac from DirecTV put the dish on a tree. Well, now that its spring, leaves and such have grown and are blocking the signal.

Oh, this is totally unrelated to anything (such a first for me!) but I think Cassie would be a really cute name for my mare when I get her. Or my first chick-foal. Or something.

And the good news of the day!

“* Another Epcot addition is the newly revamped ride at the Journey Into

Imagination pavilion. Figment, a purple dragon character, was part of

the original ride when Epcot debuted in 1983 -- but was dropped during a

1999 redesign. Now, the dragon is back, the upshot of popular demand,

says Brad Rex, Epcot vice president. Opening in early June, the new show

tours the Imagination Institution, where host Eric Idle, playing Dr.

Nigel Channing, explains the various departments as cars stop and start

along the nine-minute ride.”

Figment is back, baby! I really want to buy Figment (my fish!) a stuffed figment (the dragon!) or some other kind of figment souvineer. Right now he just has a figment (dragon) sticker on his tank.

Okay, thanks to Mo’s terribly amusing post about Zoo Tycoon, I really want it now. I have $70 in my bank account, and a ton of bills to pay, so I really should not buy it, right? RIGHT? Um, yeah, we all know I’m gonna end up buying it.

This no tv thing is really starting to get to me. I’ll probably end up going and renting a ton of movies tomorrow. OOH, or I could go to Springfield and go to Blockbuster! Yes! Blockbuster!

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