Saturday, April 06, 2002

Okay, I very obviously got a bit spoiled not working my regular job since Feb. I’m sitting here throwing myself a big pity party because I have to work the next two days. I was thinking if I got up at 6:30, I’d have plenty of time to myself before having to be there at 8, but its just not enough time. There’s this sense of just knowing that I have to leave here in like 45 minutes that ruins the relaxing time.

While I was out yesterday, I stopped in the Disney store, and it made me very, very sad because it reminded me a lot of a resort gift shop, or one of the shops in one of the parks, and I could just imagine walking out the doors and hopping on the monorail. I’ve been missing WDW a lot lately, probably because its almost May, and I’ve gotten in the habit of going in May. I’m really sad that I cant go this May, but I’m hoping for a really good November trip, so maybe that will make up for it. Inspired by the 365 Days ago thing on Mo’s journal, I read back to a year ago yesterday, and I would just love to be where I was then. I had just signed up to be a Mary Kay consultant with Amanda, I was leaving for Disney world the end of April, then I had Simucon the 1st week of June, and Equitana the 2nd week. I still have Simucon in june, and hopefully Equitana too, but its just not the same as having all of that. Yeah, I guess I’m just being a big baby about no Disney. My kingdom for some Tonga Toast! My annual pass runs out the end of this month, and I’m really itching to go use it one more time, but seeing that I’m 2 months behind on my truck payments, I don’t think that’s going to be happening.

Its 7:22. I have to be there at 8. I’m not dressed, no makeup. I have combed my hair and done my whole face routine. What I really want to do is hop in bed and read for a few hours, and then go have lunch at this great Mexican place downtown. I guess that I could technically do that, but the end results wouldn’t be pretty. Its nice feeling like I have a choice though, that always makes doing the non-desirable stuff like selling your soul to the company for 8 hours for something like $50. The sad part (I am WHINING today!!!) is that things are actually busy now, so instead of taking my book up to the third floor and reading in the sunshine, I have to actually bake cookies all day. I am not so excited about this. I am pretty into the fact that I will probably go grab a bagel from St. Louis bread company for lunch, as I haven’t had one in ages.

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