Monday, April 01, 2002

Okay, the Moulin Rouge megamix ended up sucking, but I downloaded a file called "Come What May", which someone apparently just taped from the movie with a mic or something because the sound quality is atrocious, but it has the part I wanted, so I am absolutly giddy! Not only does it have the Children of the Revolution part, but it also has the "My gift is my song!" that I begged you all to find me a week or so ago. Yay! :) Now if only I can find this with decent sound quality, I will be HAPPY!

I also found the funniest thing ever! Its Nick Carter singin Uptown Girl when he was about 10! Its definitly him, I must sadly admit I could tell his voice anywhere. Too cute. My next quest is to download some stuff from when AJ did his Johnny No Name/Johnny Suede concerts!

I really need a redesign. I either want tropical or spring-y. If I go spring, I want pretty pastel colors, mostly pinks, butter yellow, mint green, and pale purple. So who has too much time on their hands and wants to put together a pretty design for me?

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