Monday, April 01, 2002

Okay, ready for the somewhat shocking news? I think I'm going to get a job for a couple of months. Yes, take a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor, I have my reasons here. Yes, I adore being able to drastically change my sleep schedule on a weekly basis, and all of the other freedoms that go along with only being self employed. However, there are a lot of Pretty Things out there (shoes, DVD players, um.. food) that I really feel I must acquire. There are also these neat envelopes that seem to flood my mailbox on a daily basis from all of these places claiming I owe them unbelievable amounts of money. I feel like I really should humor them and send in the requested payments, and you just cant do that on the meager weekly unemployment check. And then yesterday, I got into a discussion about financial situations with my mom. She said that we should be getting the money from selling my uncle's appartment buildings in Santa Monica within a few months, so if I will just get a normal job until then, they will help me out bigtime financially when the money comes. I must admit, I am not above major charity, so I'm playing with this idea. I can do a normal job for a couple of months, right? It would be one of those "enriching experiences", right? So, I suppose I'll go talk to Lou again this morning, or tomorrow, or.. well, you all know how my schedule tends to run. If I can't get back to work there within a week or so, I shall go off on the mighty Job Search. I am NOT going back to Dixie (ahem, KENNY). I'm thinking about applying at the Disney store down here, and if that doesnt work out, I'm not really sure. I live in a town where businesses are practically beating down your door this time of year in search of help, so finding *a* job won't be a problem, but finding one I want to deal with for two months may be a bit trying. I wish we had a really interresting coffee shop here, I'd get a job there, just so I could be a Coffee Shop Girl. Maybe I'll work in some kind of clothing store. I don't know, I'll figure it out when the time comes. Getting back to the actual point though, it seems I'm going to go on a job search. I'm going to continue to work my business at the same time though, and hopefully all the new people I will meet from said job will help that along, too. Plus, it will get me out of the house on a somewhat regular basis, and really just be something interresting. And the cash. The money. Yay.

Its now 6am, so hopefully I will start to be slightly more coherent sometime soon. I will probably re-read this entry around noon and want to kick myself, but that's life. Yes, 6am, by the way. For the past several days, I have been waking up around 5am. Today, I woke up at 4, and despite all tries to fall back asleep just for a few more hours, I was not victorious, so I lay in bed and watched Monty Python on BBC America, followed by MTV. I love love love really late night/early morning MTV because they play all the videos that aren't good enough to be on during normal hours, and you see some of the craziest stuff. This is where I first saw that "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals" video long before anyone else had heard of it. I would be talking to Amanda Hunter late at night, and around the same time every night, one of us would have to point out "The Mammal video is on!" Oh, memories! :)

My main goal for today is to figure out what I'm going to write for the rest of the month. I have a few vague story ideas I want to work on, I'll probably do some poetry, etc. I just dont want to end up in front of the computer writing random crap for an hour a day.

Our meeting tonight really does not sound worth going to. Should I quote the email? Nah, I'll paraphrase. Basically, we're all supposed to bring our cell phones and call a bunch of our customers to book appointments with them. I can do that at home any day, whats the point of dedicating an entire two hour meeting to it? I'm hoping its some kind of april fools joke, and we will actually have a normal meeting. I'm really torn over wether to go or not at this point, because I have about three people that I really need to call, and the rest of the time would feel like such a waste. However, Amanda is opening tonight, and I really want to be there for that. I guess I'll decide at some point today. I know I should go, and I probably will, I'm just not looking forward to it.

I am still tempted to pack up and move to a big city for a while, just for the experience. I could get a nice little apartment where I'd live alone, or maybe with a cat, and just see what its like for a while. I could go the in-between route and move somewhere like St. Louis that isn't very far away, or Springfield which is bigger than here, but not a big city by any means, but if I'm going to do it, I want to go all or nothing and go somewhere like NYC, San Francisco, New Orleans, etc. I've been reading a lot of novels (okay, 2) set in the South lately, so New Orleans has been sounding appealing. Maybe I should move to Texas. Maybe I should actually get that job and get some money first before I start considering moving halfway across the country. Humm, there's an idea.

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