Friday, April 05, 2002

Take a moment to think about something. This came to mind while I was washing my face this morning. How different would your life be if there were no internet? Okay, now uncurl from the fetal position, and follow me here. First, how many people would you have never met? I was thinking about my boyfriend, and my first thought was that if I hadnt met him online, I would have run into Simucon, but obviously if there were no internet, there would be no Simu, and therefore no Simucon. Hummm..

If there were no internet, I would not have a Veggie Tales song stuck in my head, because Erin introduced me to veggie tales, and guess where I met her? I would have NEVER gone to WDW alone in December, because I wouldn't have known Katie, Rich, Kelly, Katt, Nate, the DIS- group or the Passporter group. I would have also had a very limited knowledge of WDW in general, because 90% of what I know I learned online. Oh, and my first trip there? Would have just been me and mom, because I met Amanda online. Once your mind gets going on how much the internet has influenced your life, you start to wonder just what would be left without it. I may have never worked at Dixie, because I went there with Katie, who I knew from online, when I decided I wanted to apply.

My world would be so small.

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