Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Today was one of those days when I felt particularly alive. I overslept as usual, but managed to shower and get to work with only slightly damp hair by 8:30, which is pretty impressive in my book. Work went pretty well, we finally got our tv working, so I flipped through the channels when I got there, and was thrilled to see that they had Paige & Doug from Trading Spaces on CNN! They introduced them as “This is Paige Davis, the host, and Doug (forgot his last name) the designer.” And they both kind of laughed and Paige said something like “Doug wishes he were the designer, actually he is one of six”. I was amused. They showed the room Doug did that made the woman cry, it was great. As if that weren’t a great enough way to start the day, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne were then on Live, but people started coming before they were off, so I didn’t get to watch all of it. Still, Trading Spaces and the Osbournes both in one morning? Works for me!

On my lunch break, I grabbed my cream cheese from the fridge, and drove to a parking lot that I like going to because its nice and quiet, and there are trees and birds and such. I parked and rolled my windows down, and sat reading for 45 minutes while I ate some of my bagel. I read this fantastic chapter in Little Altars Everywhere about their summer house, and it made me decide that I absolutely must have a summer house just like it, with the checkered plastic table cloths, bunk beds, and a chaise lounge for me to read on. I need to start up a book page similar to Maggie’s, and put an excerpt of this chapter there, because I love it. Love it love it. I cant wait for the “Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” movie. Rebecca Wells (author of both) is awesome.

I went back to work when the heat became unbearable, and managed to get a little more reading done in between tours, and finally left about 2:30. I adore going home like that knowing I’m on the clock until four. The only sour note of the day was when I was sitting out on the back deck daydreaming about my cool summer house, watching the squirrels (Remind me to tell you about them!) and admiring the dogwood trees, which had just bloomed. I was sitting peacefully when the construction chick had the audacity to come out and tell me that I couldn’t have the back door open while the air was on. Okay, the front door is open constantly all day, and the sales people leave the back door open all the time: me sitting out there for ten minutes is not the end of the world, and certainly not worth bitching me out for. She used to be a pretty cool chick, but it seems like at some point she started disliking me. Evil wench. Anyway, I left about 2:30, and on the drive home I took my hair out of its braids and let it flow free in the wind on the way home as I drove with the air conditioning on, the windows down, and the radio blaring.

At home, I was standing by the kitchen window, and caught sight of the thermometer out on a tree in the front yard: 100 degrees. 100 degrees and our air conditioning still isn’t working- I’m worried my fish are going to fry in their own tanks. I stood there and wished SO much for a swimming pool in my yard, where I could spend hot summer afternoons. They used to have pretty nice ones at wal-mart that were about 4 ft deep and 12 feet wide for around $250, with filter and everything, so maybe I should save up and get one of those. Of course, by the time I got that money, it would be January…

I am in love. I am in love with the Venus Razor. I read a bunch about it over on The Usual Suspects boards, and decided I would give it a try. Its not like me to spend $6 on a razor, I’m a disposable kinda girl, but oh man. Baby, this feels so good I’m never going back! My legs are smoother than they have been since I was BORN. I keep sitting here rubbing them because they feel soooo good! I just sat there in the bathtub, staring at this razor as I shaved, as if that would somehow unlock all its secrets. Basically, it ROCKS.

My bird obviously has no problem with self confidence. I just walked in on him saying “I’m a pretty boy! Pretty pretty pretty boy!”

I decided today that I simply must go rent Cruel Intentions and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I decided to go to the video store in Hollister, because they have a lot of movies that the one in Branson doesn’t, so I figured I’d do the 7 movies for 7 days for 7 dollars thing over there. Can you believe that they had neither Cruel Intentions NOR Breakfast at Tiffany’s!? So, I drove back to the local video place, and Cruel Intentions was out, but Breakfast at Tiffany’s was in, so I just got it. Ah, how I adore this movie.

It is almost midnight, my window is open for cold airness, and it is still about a gazillion degrees in here. AOL says it is 73 outside, but it is at least 85 in my bedroom. Please, please let the air conditioning people come tomorrow. Please.

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