Monday, April 01, 2002

Yesterday was pretty interresting for a day when nothing happened. I woke up at 6am, continuing that horrible trend of waking up too early. I must have been having a creative day, because I really wanted to paint all day. I sketched out an idea for something I wanted to paint, but then I couldn't find my paints! Slightly discouraged, I decided I wanted to play with my henna tattoo stuff, and make the tribal sun design that I drew on my ankle with a pen last a bit longer. I managed to find my henna paste, but we had no lemon juice, which I needed to help keep the paste wet. Curses, foiled again! I finally settled for working on a collage while sprawled out on my bed with a stack of magazines watching movies on USA. I found some pretty good stuff, but I still have this feeling of lack of satisfaction from not getting to do either of the two things I was really in the mood to do. In a burst of energy, I decided I would make up for the lack of nifty art stuff by going tanning, and then swinging by the store for some watercolors and lemon juice. Then, of course, it occured to me that it was Easter, and that neither the tanning palce nor the store would be open! Sometimes, you just have to admit defeat.

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