Wednesday, May 22, 2002

13 days until Simucon, and only 11 until I see Kelly! Oh man, this is getting good. My schedule has been so weird lately, I’m really kind of missing having some sense of routine. Basically I just feel like I don’t have any time to relax, because there’s always something to do or somewhere I have to be in just an hour or two, and I feel that looming over me. Ick.

I got to FINALLY see Star Wars last night! The next sentence is in white text for those of you who haven’t seen it yet and don’t want any kind of spoiler. That part towards the very beginning when Obi Wan/Ewan jumps out the window? Holy shit!  That was worth the price of admission. And then they show him handcuffed? And doing all the lightsaber

stuff? And he actually got to smile and be funny in this one! DAMN! I was one happy star wars watchin girl. I did have to work to keep from yelling at the movie any time anyone tried to hurt him though.
I'm still not sure if I liked it more than Ep. 1 or not. There is way more Ewan, which is a very good thing, and there was a lot more action. Believe it or not, the guy that played Anakin doesnt do much fo rme, but he was a good actor. I missed Darth Maul though. The sith are just not sexy anymore.

I had a run to Springfield this morning, so I decided to stop by Toys R Us no particular reason. Okay, I admit I was there to check out the new Star Wars toys. I want a little Ewan with his big ol’ lightsaber to sit on my desk. Anyway, I found out that they had the Star Wars versions of both the Game of Life, and Stratego! I must have the Star Wars Stratego. Someone wanna send me $15 so I can buy it? Or just buy it for me? Please?

I decided to stop at St Louis Bread Co. and get a bagel for lunch, and then sat outside while I ate half of it. It was pretty cold out with the wind, but I enjoyed sitting in the sun watching the traffic go by.

I’m going riding in a couple of hours, which sounds like a pretty good thing to do today. We took the horses to the vet yesterday to get shots and coggins tests, and Em went through everything like a trooper, including what happened when we were loading the trailer. THAT is quite a story. We had 5 horses to take—Jenny & her foal Pagel, Gypsy, Tonto (Monica’s stud), and Emmett. The plan was to load Gypsy, Jenny & Pagel, Tonto, and then Emmett. Well, Jenny didn’t like being next to Tonto, so we decided to change the order to Jenny & Pagel, Gypsy, Emmett, and then Tonto, so that Tonto would be next to a boy and not try to hump everything. Well, this didn’t work either. In fact, Tonto bit Em’s neck and would NOT let go, and Em didn’t even kick him. He did however throw his head up trying to get Tonto off, and ended up taking a huge chunk out of his forehead. Okay, it was only about the size of a quarter, but this is my baby we’re talking about, so it was a HUGE CHUNK, okay? Monica was MAD at Tonto, and decided to not take him, since there was no way we could do it safely. She’s considering getting him castrated now, or selling him- she’s sick of dealing with his studly ways. I’m now pissed at him because he hurt my baby, and that makes things personal.

This is the part where I have to go check my most recent entries to see what I’ve told you about and what I haven’t, because my brain is all fuzzy. Oh! I haven’t told you about going team penning yet. Basically, that’s where you have 3 people and a bunch of cows (like, 30) in this arena, and you have to pick out three certain cows and get them into a pen. Sounds easy, right? Hah! The guy who was supposed to teach us was not helpful at all, so we had no idea what we were doing. It was kind of fun though, and I think Emmett liked it. He didn’t quite understand why I was sending him right into the middle of this herd of cows at first, but I think he started to like getting to chase them around.

I’ve been trying very hard to get the digital camera I want on Ebay so that I can have it before Simucon. Wish me luck! And gheez, leave me some comments, I’m starting to think you don’t love me anymore!

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