Sunday, May 12, 2002

I am one happy girl right now. I have a brand spankin new DVD player, and even have it working after some slight confusion. I have a cream cheese brownie, which is absolutly amazing, and I have magenetic poetry which I have wanted forever and am having far far too much fun with. Here are my first two brilliant works of magnetic genius ;)


ask the delerious chocolate whisper goddess

to incubate the essential diamond forest

chant over our winter garden void

with fast elaborate tongues

in a symphony of language like drunk honey

("domestic goddess in training")

eternity cooking bitter egg whites

ugly pink dress girl with delicate peach skin

scream cry ache trudge

one moment she felt them go

her sweet dreams gone

she can not recall spring

They probably dont make sense to you, but they do to me and the magnets, so thats all that matters. I was mostly going for strong imagery. After I watched Serendipity on my (hehe new!) dvd player, I threw together "the picture manipulated my weak vision of life" on the fuse box door that is serving as the easel on which I am painting my thoughts (um. the magnets are stuck to it.)

I hate when a bit of a song goes through my head, and then quickly out, and I'm not sure what it was, but I know I want to listen to it. ugh.

My oldest sister sent me a newspaper clipping from the comics today. In the strip, a girl is taking a job placement quiz, and it says "according to this, your perfect job would be a horse-trainign poet who designs fashions while talking on the phone and sleeping." Man, I wanna know where to apply.

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