Saturday, May 04, 2002

I really should be asleep, but obviously, I’m not- groundbreaking concept, huh? I got home around 1:30, which was a half hour ago, but I had to take some webcam pix in my Marilyn costume before I did anything. Then I had to heat up some pizza, since all I’ve eaten all day is one piece of pizza. Now I’m sitting around (finally out of wig and dress!) reading Monique’s journal and a few emails. My toes are frozen. I’m frozen. I recall walking to the car from Chateau saying “Its freakin MAY! Why the hell is it COLD!?” AOL tells me it is 48 degrees. That’s damn cold to be wearing a halter dress.

So, its 2:11 am, I have to be back at the Chateau for classes at 9am. I still have my makeup on, and until I took off the wig, I looked like Drunk Marilyn, because its all messed up now. I promise to tell you about the party later, but tonight I’m brain dead. I’m also gonna upload the webcam pix on Rich’s site tomorrow so I can post.

If I don’t get in bed soon, im gonna get frostbite and my toes will fall off. Must sleep.

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