Friday, May 03, 2002

Its May, if you haven’t noticed. In may of 2000, I was in Florida. In May of 2001, I was in florida. In May of 2002? Sitting in front of the computer at home, watching a video of My So Called Life episodes, wishing they would come fix the satellite. I should be standing at the Wilderness Lodge bus stop with Nate, waiting on the “Boone’s Farm Bus”, to go somewhere, anywhere. Probably Epcot. We’re Epcot people, you know. It does not at all feel like May, you see. This will really take some getting used to. Where the hell did like.. February go?

Oh, and most excitingly, Monica’s horse had her baby! Seeeeee!

I sat on the floor in a pile of hay while she lay her head beside my hand. I felt her warm breath on my palm, her first day of breathing.. her first day of everything. I witnessed one of her first naps. It was a little overwhelming.

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