Saturday, May 25, 2002

Just a note- the following post was typed on and off over about 3 days, so it may get a bit jumbled up here and there.

I’ve been working on my list of things I want to do in my lifetime, and its continuously growing. I was going to call it the Escapades list, ala Mo, but now I’m leaning towards Quests, ala Monty Python. In fact, after watching the Holy Grail Bonus DVD, one of my Quests is to visit the castle where they did most of the filming. Perhaps that could be called the Quest for the Quest for the Holy Grail. Or not. Oh, anyway, back to the reason I started typing this—I’m making a list of all 50 states, and some nifty things to do in them. I want to have one well known thing to see in that state (such as the Grand Canyon or the St. Louis Arch) and one or two lesser known things like Farmer Bob's Rib Shack, or silly roadside attractions. So, if you could send me some that you know of, I would like you a lot for it.

Ooh! As I was writing this, my dad brought me in a little turtle he had found. I thought he was dead at first because he wouldn’t move, but he finally did! I think I’m gonna keep him for a day or two and then let him go again. I have my webcam aimed at him right now so I can watch him while I’m typing and such. Its Live Turtle Cam- Woohoo! I set him up a lovely little turtle condo in an old whipped cream container, complete with grass, rocks, food and water. Aren’t I good? I think it may be a girl, but I’m not positive.

I’ve gotten a few emails about the blogathon lately, and I cant believe its already almost that time of year again. This year’s will be on July 27th, and if you have a blog, you really should do it. Basically, if you’re just tuning in, you spend 24 hours blogging, and you have to post at least once every half hour. You take pledges from people for so much an hour, and the money is donated to the charity of your choice (And no, I don’t think the “Buy me some new shoes!” charity is eligible.) It’s a totally worthwhile thing to do, and ends up being pretty fun and more than a little crazy.

And man, I totally agree with Mo’s perfect day described in this entry

Throw in like 5 minutes worth of being with my horse, and that’s totally mine. I am exactly like that, where I would spend all day doing nothing if I could. I miss that! For instance, right now its noon. I have to call Dr. Kryger’s office at 2 and see what time their stuff will be ready to be picked up (Did I mention I’m doing Karen’s run today because she is going to TX to get married?). So, I call them at 2, then I set off to do the bank run, where I have to be by 3, do that, then do Kryger, then I’m done for today. Oh, there is some nature show with Ewan on at 7, and then I must watch the Velvet Goldmine at 10:45, for some more Ewan. (I have all of this outlined on one of my MK Weekly Plan Sheets, or else I would never know where I was supposed to be at all). Anyway, my point is, I have two whole hours before I have to do ANYTHING. And yet I feel like I cant relax. It sucks. I need at least 6 hours before I have to do anything to really feel like I can just go take a nap or something. And AHH! The turtle is moving out of camera range! Time to readjust! I don’t know why it is so darn interesting to watch him, I really don’t, but this could totally be a new reality tv show, and I would watch. I am really waiting for him to eat some of the grass or lettuce I put in there. He is finally acknowledging it, but still no luck. I just scared him when I moved the camera, so now he may never eat. Grr!

I’m reading the Bad Teen Novel at Hissyfits, and man, does the bad writing bring back memories of the stories I used to write. Ours were all horse shows and stuff though, no sex-drugs-high school stuff. Well, at least not when we were 13. But still, the theme of bad writing that we thought was awesome at the time remains. The chapter titles are definitely one of the best parts, as well as the author’s notes.

Okay, I just got an email from titled “Win a date with a jedi!” and then it was blank. Do you think I can sue them for a date with Ewan?

I have the oddest feeling right now. Its almost 8:30, and other than watching the Velvet Goldmine (Naked Ewan!) at 10:45, I have nothing to do tonight. I do have to be up around 7:30, so I cant stay up deliciously late like I’d like to, but other than that, I now have nothing to do. This is niiiice.

I am reading people’s reviews of Ep. 2 over on the Usual Suspects boards, and two posts in a row had a last line that made me smile:

p.s. Ewan McGregor's performance stood out as pleasant.


Oh and I know Haden doesn't compare to Ewan, but I have to tell you that he smolders pretty nicely.

And then…

Ewan MacGregor continues to be the biggest standout in the prequels; Obi-Wan is now as much his as it was Alec Guinness's.


Despite what I read a reviewer said, I thought Ewan MacGregor does a great job of mimicing the speech and mannerisms of Alec Guiness. I also think that he's got the hardest job in the entire series: to convine the audience that he will become Alec Guiness.

And after a long list of stuff someone thought sucked—

things i liked? obi wan definitely.

Okay, I really will shut up about Ewan soon. Really. Well, probably not. Y’all know how I get when I get interested in something- its an obsession for at least a month or so. On one last note, I made it through about an hour of The Velvet Goldmine just now. Yes, there was naked Ewan (um, very, very impressive.) but as far as I’m concerned, that was the only part worth seeing. I gave up in favor of a shower and sleep.


I have been dying to get back to watching Days of our Lives lately, but I still have no local channels, so I am soap-less. This is really starting to frustrate me, because not only am I soap-less, I also have practically no talk shows, no late night talk shows, no survivor, no will and grace, no Friends finale… its just wrong!

Oh man, I have the best lunch today. I just got home from grocery shopping, where I picked up some fresh apricots, peaches, and cherries. I have those cut up for a fruit salad with mango apricot yougart to dip them in, and animal crackers. It doesnt get any better than this! I was sad I couldnt find the big bag of animal crackers at the store- they're usually like 3 pounds for a dollar. All I could find was the little box that was like 70 cents for about 20 cookies. Ripoff! So, I asked mom to pick me up some-"Not the frosted kind or anything, just plain happy little animals I can bite the heads off of"

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