Sunday, May 26, 2002

Oh man, I am BUMMED! No more Henry’s Diary!! I emailed his dad to tell him that the updates would be missed, and that felt really odd. I hardly ever email people whose journals I read, mostly because I guess I feel like I’m being sneaky in reading them, you know? As if by emailing them, it’s the equivilant of being caught in your big sister’s room while you thought she was out with friends, sitting on her bed with her diary and giggling.

I am going to kick myself. Or I could just have Kelly kick me, as she will be here in EIGHT DAYS! I stayed up until 2am last night so I could watch this Ewan Polar Bear documentary on tv. All I’ve heard all week is how damn cute it is, and so I figured staying up till 2 was a small sacrifice. Well, around 1, I think to check the tv guide that’s built into my satellite, and guess what. I click down to the Travel Channel, and there IS no Ewan Polar Bear documentary on at 2! I am severely bummed, so I watch Moulin Rouge and fall asleep. Well, now I wake up to find an email about the program, which mentions it was on PBS!!! It WAS on! All I had to do was be smart enough to look at the right channel!! I’m just hoping it is on again soon, or we all know that I’m going to be shelling out the $20 to buy the video from PBS. That cracks me up, because I know I would totally do that, and I’ve always laughed at the people that bought videos from PBS because hello, you could just tape it for free! Why spend $20 when all you need is a $2 blank tape? But now I see that sometimes, due to our own stupidity, we are brought down to the level in life in which we must make a phone call to PBS. (I think that must be one of Lowest Points in one’s life—Finding yourself waking up in a ditch, taping the shopping channel, finding yourself making a call to PBS. Its all down hill from there) But oh! There is hope! Sweet Internet, you have saved me again! You see, the good thing about this snazzy thing we call the internet is that there are people who use it! People such as that group of Ewan fans I talk to on a regular basis, 90% of which probably taped the show, and at least one of which will therefore tape it off for me! Lets see how long it takes for me to get an email from someone saying they will. And dammit! I did it again! I promise you an Ewan-Free entry sometime soon, really.

Over at Really Big Words—

“that has changed because now, ten years later, i'm going through a second puberty. i am developing painful crushes on movie stars who will never know i am alive, i am writing bad poetry in my diary and i am getting pimples -- big, fat, ugly ones -- and i don't know what to do about it.”

Sing it, sister!

Oh, and now for proof that I watch WAY too much Trading Spaces and such. I have designed a new bed concept (see, you have to call it a “concept” if you want to be in with the designer crowd). What I’m gonna do is turn my bed from this

into this.

Oh, dear me, wrong pictures! Lets try that again.

There we go! Brilliant artwork, isn’t it? Heehee. Despite all the scary colors, the basic concept is that I’m going to build a headboard and do some fabric draping. I’d also really like to build something where there are drawers built into the bottom part of the bed. Think Amy Wynn or Ty is free this weekend? Its too bad I don’t like any of my neighbors, or I’d go on Trading Spaces.

My link of amusement today is which is similar to hot or not in that you pick the one you like better, but different in that its totally random things pitted against each other, rather than people.

I am bummed. I got very lost driving out to a town called Crane with a delivery, and in the process got pulled over by a cop. Having been doing nothing wrong, I figured that maybe I had a tail light out or something. Well, he told me my licence plates were expired, and went to run my info. I still didn’t think much of it, but then he gave me a ticket! A ticket for expired plates! A $72.50 ticket for expired plates!! WHAT THE HELL!!??? Okay, I had NO idea they were even close to expiring- I keep meaning to check, but its not usually the first thing on my mind. And $72.50!????? $20 I could understand. $50 wouldn’t be all that out of line, but seventy-freakin-two fifty?? That’s INSANE!

I overheard the Christian radio station my parents were listening to today going off about Harry Potter, how it was the devil trying to take over the world and all that crap. The funniest damn part was that they were saying how it was a sin to even read about that sort of thing, but then the lady was quoting certain incedents in the book, which she obviously read. Heehee. Really, I think that if you are worried your kids are going to have some major life change in beliefs and practices just because they read a book, maybe you need to look into your parenting more than what they're reading, but I digress.

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