Saturday, May 11, 2002

The scene: Cute, rather disgruntled mail chick driving along the road, getting really sick of Monica yelling at her. She has black ink smeared across her face from delivering flyers.

Cute, Rather Disgruntled Mail Chick: (In a tone that sounds far more evil than one would expect her of being capable of) HEY!!! BE NICE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

People walking through their yard to get their mail: (stare at CRDMC)

CRDMC: (realizes her jeep door is open and they can therefore hear her perfectly well.) (Smiles and waves) (pause) (Falls over laughing at the next mail box realizing that the poor people thought she was yelling at them, and what that must have looked like.

If you live on Kays Ave. and thought I was yelling at you today, I really wasn’t. I promise.

ed. note- I edited this to fix the typo. They were going to get their mail, not their male.

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