Saturday, May 18, 2002

Well, its 8:22 am. I actually managed to get up almost as early as I wanted to, so I have managed to find some time to sit and relax before I have to do anything today. I'm supposed to be at the hospital at 9:30 to pick up some things to run to Springfield, so I have almost 20 minutes before I need to start doing my makeup and hair and such. 20 minutes of freedom!

I'm pretty sure I havent yet told you about my job with Executive Services. Basically, they pay me to drive around in my truck singing along to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. To be a bit more accurate, I pick things up, and drop them off elsewhere. Yesterday I had to drive up to Springfield to pick up 4 boxes of soap for a resort near the Arkansas border called Big Cedar Lodge. It was 160 miles roundtrip, and I just cant quite understand how they got themselves into this soap emergency. This wasnt a particularly enjoyable drive because it was so rainy and I had no idea where I was going either direction, so I couldnt much enjoy it. However, I drove to Harrison, Ark. and back a few days ago, and the weather was beautiful, so I really got to just enjoy the time alone to sit in my truck and sing. Easy money.

I did the postal routes all by myself on Thursday, and oh man, that SUCKED. The first route went rather well, I only got lost one time. I was so unbelievably tired by the time I finished it though, and still a bit stressed, plus my stomach was starting to bother me. Then I got back to the postal annex, and found that I had missed a whole tub of magazines that were supposed to go out, and almost cried. They told me I could just save them for tomorrow, but there were 2 newspapers in there that had to be delivered that day, so after I finished my 2nd route, I would have to go back and deliver them. NOT what I wanted to hear at this point in the day. Well, then I went out to load up the jeep, and I got the passenger's side door stuck open, and had to get 3 people to help me close it. Finally, I set off out of the parking lot, and just as I was about to pull onto the main road, the back door of the jeep flew open. I'm lucky I wasnt going very quickly at the time, or all of the packages would have gone EVERYWHERE. Well, time went on, and as I was doing the route, I got sicker and sicker. Finally, as I was passing by the road that leads to my house, I came THIS close to throwing up, so I gave up and went to my house and called Monica to come finish for me. I really didnt want to give up, because I only had about 10 minutes left, but I absolutly couldnt stand it anymore. I guess it turns out that seven and a half hours of jeep fumes can really get to a girl. Yes, it took me seven and a half hours. It takes Monica 3 and a half. This makes me sad.

So, after the Great Green Go-Kart of death earned its name even more, I talked to Monica, and we decided that I would only do the first route until I got more comfortable with it. If all goes well, I still wont even have to do that until June 1.

I would like to take this moment to ask What the HELL is up with this weather? It is freakin MAY and it is 40 degrees and rainy looking!! WHERE is my SUMMER? It should be in the 80's at least by this time of year, and I'm wearing a sweater! What the hell!? Oh, heh, speaking of clothes, that was another bit of my downfall when delivering mail. It was about 50 and when I left my house in the morning, so I wore jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Well, I forgot that its about 20 degrees hotter in the GGGKOD, and you get REALLY hot delivering mail, so by the time I reached my house, I was about this close to passing out. I was shaking like crazy, covered in sweat, and generally not looking too swell, so I switched into shorts and a tank top, and poured water all over my arms and legs. I was hoping this would cool me off enough to be able to finish, but we all know how that story ended.

In honor of Episode 2, which I have still yet to see (damn work!), some Ewan and other Star Wars stuff.

"But children, if they see one laying around, they should never ever turn it on because they can be very very dangerous"

-Ewan, on lightsabres. And you wonder why I would be ok with this man fathering my children! (with all due respect to the boyfriend)

"I just dont like it when my sister says "Hey Jake! You can fly!" and throws my action figure down the stairs. -Jake on the trials of being a movie star

"I use to say she was a skanky whore, which really pissed her off. But, yes. She plays a courtesan. A high-class whore. A high-class skanky whore."


On Nicole Kidman's character in Moulin Rouge

Details Magazine, May 2001

"I'll get in touch with Nicole now and again. Definitely. Because she's a skanky old whore and I love her for it."


when asked if he will stay in touch with Kidman Elle August 2001

"I'm waiting for the right moment to drop my Jedi knickers and pull out my real lightsaber."


"I smoke a lot. I drink far too much-I don't excercise. I torture small animals."

-Ewan On his sex appeal- (He forgot to mention his *huge*.... talent!)

"Actually, I really want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now, that would be interesting."

- Ewan-

On his casting in the Star Wars Prequel; Entertainment Weekly

Which Star Wars character are you?

I was disappointed with this at first but then I thought hey-kickass! I get to hang out with Obi Wan and still end up a sith. Life isnt that bad.

I really, really hope I can make it out to see Star Wars today. I watched Episode 1 yesterday, to get my brain in the mood (hah! as if it wouldnt be!), and man, I had forgotten how unbelievably sexy the whole lightsaber fight with Obi Wan and Darth Maul is! I mean, Ewan! And Ray Park! Doing sexy martial arts fighting stuff! Oh my!!! We'll just say that really made me a happy girl. Yum, yum, yum. Okay, I will stop drooling over Ewan now. Really. Yeah. Sure.

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