Friday, May 10, 2002

Why is it that every time I go to do something productive, like clean my bedroom, something distracts me? I just went to hang up clothes, and a Star Wars trailer came on TV, and so I had to watch, and what do I see but Ewan handcuffed to something or another. Damn damn damn damn damn.

(no, this isnt hormone day, I promise. I also just yelled at because the handbag I liked was $375, so I think its just emotional postal worker day)

After a good nap, I can tell you a little bit more about today. Like I said, I learned how to drive the Great Green Go-Kart of Death (GGGKOD). It wouldnt be that hard to drive if only the steering wheel was on the left side as usual, it had power steering, anti-lock brakes, the spedometer worked, and perhaps was less than 11 years older than me. And oh man, the SMELL. You know how go-karts smell? That fuel-type smell? It REEKS of that all the time. Thankfully I usually have my door open. I did most of the sorting today, and then I drove the first half of the BB Route, but it took me an hour (Its only supposed to take a half hour). Monica decided to take over from there so that she wouldnt be late for her other job.

The funniest thing all day was as we were driving, right after we had traded places, Monica pointed out a dog at one of the houses we delivered to, and said "That dog is a something and something cross, just like Max. (pause...pause..pause..) MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH, we LEFT HIM at the POST OFFICE!" Yeah. We left her dog. At the post office. Alone. In the parking lot. Oops. Luckily she called someone there and had them get him and put him in their car until we got back. Max finally forgave us later when I gave him some of my pizza, so I think we're okay again now.

Do you have anti-lock brakes? Do you have power steering? Do you NOT drive a GGGKOD? If you answered yes to all of these questions, go outside and kiss your car RIGHT NOW. You cant imagine! The main annoyance with the GGGKOD is that if you dont hold down the brake HARD, the jeep moves. Well, I obviously have to stop a lot (to put mail in boxes and such) and so within about ten minutes, my leg was SO SO SORE! I guess this will help my right leg get as buff as my left (I use the left to get on the horse, the right doesnt usually get near as much of a work out, so this is new) I know, holding down a brake doesnt sound hard, and you think im just whining about one more thing, but MAN it is HARD!

About 3/4 through the 248 Route, I was getting SICK in the back of the jeep-- we'd gotten some free pizza from the gas station, and I guess the combo of that and being crunched up in the back of the jeep with my back all out of whack while we flew around little back roads at lighting speed just didnt do much for my stomach. There was quite a difference from this morning when I was begging Monica not to make me drive, and this point when I was like "LET ME DRIVE, PLEASE! I'm gonna throw up if I have to sit back here much longer!" I was great once I was able to drive again, and within a few minutes, Monica was whining that riding in the back was making her sick. Heehee.

Tomorrow, I have to get to the annex around 7, because I am sorting all of the BB Route by myself. Alone. Please, God, let me remember where I get the mail. Then I am driving the whole route, so I'm hoping I can do it in a semi-decent time frame. I'll be happy with under 2 hours to tell ya the truth, because I still dont quite have this whole super-fast mail box opening and shutting thing that Monica does.

So, now that the handcuffed Ewan (Oh man, I just made a major freudian typing slip there, but I'm not gonna tell you. I fixed it) is a distant but pleasant memory, I'm going to try to get back to this whole bedroom cleaning thing.

And damn. Mom wanted me to call this # because she called the nice IRS people (bastards) and the nice people (bastards) said my income tax check was direct deposited into my bank account march 8. Okay. My bank account's average ballance is about $6.75. I kid you not. Honestly, right now my balance is -$58 because I made an oops. So, with this info in mind, dont you think I would have perhaps NOTICED an extra $400 in my account, especially when I was watching for it? Yeah, thats what I thought too. So I was supposed to call them and tell them that I did NOT get my money. But, as you can guess, I fell asleep. So now I cant call till Monday. Mom is not gonna be too happy with me.

Back to cleaning.

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