Sunday, May 19, 2002

You know, once in a while, I stop and giggle with chidish delight at the most mundane, everyday things. I just got an email titled "Love that Ewan", and it just cracked me up and made me think at the same time. Check this out- some person I dont know can send me a message. And it justpops up! On my computer! And that little noise plays! I feel like I'm in 1938 and just got the first email ever or something. Its always kind of fun when I stop living on autopilot long enough to notice the little details of whats going on, and to delight in them.

On a similar note, it was such a strange feeling to learn how to drive the Jeep (I'm getting tired of typing Great Green Go Kart of Death, as well as the abbreviation, even though it has earned that title even more so after it made me so sick, but I digress). It was such an interresting situation to be in because essentially, I was just driving a car.. but the lack of power steering and anti lock brakes and the whole sitting on the passenger side phenomenom just added up to make it a completly different experience, and I continued to be overwhelmed by the memory of learning to drive when I was 15. This experience of five years ago, which doesnt sound like long on one hand, but on the other is a fourth of my life.. um.. I just totally lost my train of thought. I know I was going somewhere with all this. Really. Damn, this is what happens when I watch an hour long Ewan special first thing in the morning- the brain is mush for the rest of the day. Whatever you do, dont let me even consider writing poetry today. Those poetry magnets could be deadly.

Okay, lets spiral out of the mush of my thoughts and get back to the "What I did on my Summer Vacation" sort of post here. That's always safe, right? Yesterday morning I had a run for Executive Services where I picked up some sort of sample from the hospital here (It looked like plasma? serum? I didnt want to consider the wide range of bodily fluids it could be. Uh oh, here I go again.) and drove it up to Springfield to Cox South Hospital. (May we pause and giggle here please? Because a hospital named "Cox" is just... funny, dammit!) It was a really, really easy run- an hour to get there, and no rush to get back, so I was able to stop by Barnes & Noble and drool for a while. The only bad part of the run is that I have to go in hospitals. Me. In hospitals. For more than two seconds. Hospitals. Can you tell this is not a good thing? I just do not get along well with hospitals. I tend to go into total panic attack mode. Thankfully, for some reason or another (I blame that it was before noon), the idea that I was IN a..."H-word" until I was in the elevator leaving Cox. It kind of clicked when I was reading the menu of what was on each floor by the buttons. My eyes scanned over things like "Cardiopulminary Unit" and my brain suddenly clicked and went "Holy shit! I'm in a hospital!" I got that big lump in my throat and had to concentrate on breathing, and basically flew out of there as soon as the elevator doors opened (Although I noticed a coffee place called "Espresso Express" and was happy that I would at least have coffee available on those occasions when I have to run up there at 3am. Forget the $75 for the middle of the night run, I'm in it for the mocha.)

I still wanted to stop by Pier 1 before I went home, because I had never been there, and I got this idea the other night that I wanted to decorte my bedroom in some snazzy India-sort of style, ala the red room in the elephant in Moulin Rouge. (Maybe this is some sort of psychological thing where I think that if I get the snazzy d├ęcor, Christian will climb up there and sing to me. Yeah. Okay, no, I really just like the beaded pillows.)

Oh. I just realized that I just typed almost a whole page about running to Springfield yesterday, when I had intended about two sentences before I got on to the rest of the day. So, lets try that again.

I went to Springfield to drop off a sample at the hospital. Then I came home and went riding.

There! Much more effective at getting to the point. After I got home, I grabbed a slice of leftover pizza from the fridge and ate that while checking my mail, and then I was back out the door to Monica’s house so we could go ride.

I have to go off on a tangent again here…(I can hear this big army of people ala Monty Python where they say “Get on with it!”) I am a total Sagitarius. (Sagitarian?) in that I am a home body. I like to stay at home and watch tv and read and talk to people online. I need my alone time, where I can just veg out in front of the computer with my crazy hot chocolate powder-coffee mix (Don’t ask. Its something I started throwing together for the caffeine buzz, and now I am addicted) and just get that fun blank stare while my mind clears and de-stresses. As much as I love people, I cant be around ANYONE for more than about 24 hours straight without just wanting some time alone (Although I got through almost a week with Rich without ever feeling a need for alone time, so maybe that says something) So, getting back to the point of this off-topic ramble, all of this running around and being on call to have to work at any moment has been seriously infringing on my time to just do nothing, and its been driving me crazy. Today has been such a fantastic day so far because I’m finally able to do nothing. I woke up at 8:45 so I could catch “Ewan McGregor revealed” on E! (Yes, I taped it.) and now I’m sitting around reading journals online, going through some email, and still watching E!. This is the good life.

Okay, back to where I was. I went to Monica’s, and we went out to where her horses are to pick up Gypsy for her to ride. Then we stopped out at Brian’s to pick up Emmett, because we were going out to Busick State Park to ride. We got out there, and as we were pulling off, a woman on a horse and a man on a mule were just starting off to ride. We tacked up quickly, and we were off. Monica’s dog Kinzie, however, had decided to follow the people in front of us! We managed to catch up with them, so that they knew who this tag-along dog belonged to. However, Emmett then noticed the mule. I never knew that horses really even noticed a difference between themselves and mules, but boy did I learn my lesson. He gave me this vibe of “Holy moly! What’s that thing mom?? Can I go see it? Can I? Do you think I can eat it? Is it nice? Where did that thing come from? Whats with the ears? Do you think his name is Emmett? What? Who? When? Where? Eeeh?” I could see the little wheels in Emmett’s head spinning about a mile a minute checking this thing out, but I thought he’d get over it like he usually does, along the lines of “What the heck is that thing, mom? Oh, a deer? Ok, cool. Lets go.” This was not the case though. We were still sitting talking when the other couple left, and Em got it in his head that He Was Following Them. No matter what, screw this chick on his back trying to tell him what to do. I made him stop, I made him back up, I spun him in circles, he wasn’t having it. He wanted to follow that thing with the ears. He finally got so upset with not getting to go that he was getting very close to bucking or rearing (this is horse esp. When you ride the same horse for a few years, you know what he is thinking about doing) I finally got so pissed with him that Monica and I traded horses, because I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with it (Horrible, I know.) So, I rode Monica’s little filly Gypsy, who is kind of broke, but really doesn’t know much yet. Thinking back, riding her was kinda like driving the jeep- no power steering, and although I had brakes (she understands whoa..), there was no gas (You have to work to get that girl to go!). Other than her tendency to want to dance around or jump over puddles rather than walking through, she was pretty fun to ride. I traded Monica back after about 10 minutes, but she absolutely loved Emmett, which made me happy. About twenty minutes later, we came to a section of the creek that was at least three feet deep, and the current was moving really quickly. Always up for such things, we hopped right in and rode across, our boots getting soaked in the process because the water came up to our calves. We finally got across, and Monica turned around to check that her little dog Max had gotten across okay. We couldn’t see him anywhere, and were starting to freak out when we spotted him clinging to a log in the middle of the water, holding on for dear life. Monica knew she had to go save him, but there was no way she could get there in time on Gypsy with her water issues, so she screamed at me “GIVE ME YOUR HORSE!”. I hopped off and threw Em’s reins to her in a matter of seconds, and they were off. Em got to play Super Horse as they marched back into the water to save Max.

Now, Emmett has his tendencies to act up, but that boy knows when he has to be good. He’s been particularly evil about standing still while anyone gets on him lately, but when Monica was holding Max and trying to get on at the same time, she couldn’t even hold the reins to get him to stand still, so she gave him the “You BETTER not even think about moving!”, and he didn’t. He crossed that creek, which was no small feat, three times in a row. When Monica got back, we both hugged him and told him what a good boy he was and basically treated him like a hero. I think he liked it.

When we got back, the mule people still weren’t back, and we could only guess that Kinzie was still with them. We waited around for a while, and Monica took Emmett for a 10 minute run to see if she could find them anywhere with no luck. We put the halters on the horses and let them graze while some nearby campers petted them and fawned over them, and finally the other couple came back. I asked if I could let Emmett come check out the mule, and they didn’t mind, so I let him, and he was just captivated. He stared for at least 10 minutes while I talked to the guy. It was almost like he was meeting a celebrity.

Exhausted, I was falling asleep as we went to drop Emmett off, and then stopped to breed a mare to Monica’s stud. She wasn’t up for standing, and kicked him in a terribly sensitive place, but I have promised people that I wont talk about breeding any more, so I cant go into that now. Then I pretty much came home and sat around and did nothing. I made some new Sims skins, that I cant wait to try out and see if they work.

I apologize for today’s post. This sucked. My brain is on overload between the dream I had (we wont go there either) and the Ewan first thing in the morning and the general sleepy state that is begging me for caffeine. I promise to step away from the computer in the future when these conditions present themselves. Well, no, I don’t. You’re a captive audience and you’re stuck with me. Muahahahaa.

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