Saturday, June 01, 2002

Ah, sitting is wonderful. I worked way too hard delivering the mail for Monica this morning, absolutely frying in the 85 degree weather, which was at least 95 inside the un-air conditioned, not even a fan jeep.

Yesterday was a day of Fun Technology Stuff. I had to go up to Springfield to do a delivery, so I decided to stop by Cingular and check out their cell phone plans. It turned out they were totally reasonable, and so I signed up for the $49.99/mo plan which has 500 peak and 3500 off-peak minutes with no roaming charges, no extra for long distance, free voicemail, text messaging, wireless internet, and a bunch of stuff that I don’t even know yet. My phone was free with a $20 donation to the special Olympics, so that was great. It has video poker, and voice-dialing, so I think our relationship will be a good one.

Shortly after I got home, my camera arrived! Woohoo! I played around with it a little bit, but haven’t experimented all that much yet. I do need to install the software so Kelly and I can upload our Monday/Tuesday pictures before leaving Wednesday and have a nice empty memory card! Woohoo!

You really should go read Mo’s review of Star Wars Episode 2. Its brilliant. I’ve avoided talking about it much here as to not give any spoilers, but I have to say this: Count Dukoo? Who the hell came up with that name? It keeps reminding me of the part of the Moulin Rouge bonus disk where Baz says that the Duke’s original name was Count Von Groovy. I really think these two should get together. Count Dukoo and Count Von Groovy. What a pair!

I got the Episode 1 DVD and Bonus disk in the mail today from netflix and have watched parts of the bonus disk. One of my favorite parts was when they showed Jake Loyd signing his contract, they asked him how much he thought this movie was going to cost to make, and he said “Well.. I think it will probably cost more than fifty thousand dollars”. Hee hee hee. The crew around him kind of giggled, and one of them said “You know Jake, I think you’re right!” I wonder if they ever told him how much it actually cost.

I finally went to the beauty supply store, and no sooner had I walked in when something pink and sparkly caught my eye. Shimmery pink powder eyeshadow. I decided I had to have it. Then I found the stuff that un-yellows your nails, which I really needed because this polish I used turned my nails yellow, so I grabbed that. Then the brush I wanted turned out to be $8, but I needed it, so I got that too. However, when I checked out, my total for all 3 things was $8.12. It should have been about $15. Did I say anything? Hah! ;) I totally need that extra few dollars!

My to-do list is still pretty long, and a lot of it cant be done until the last minute, which drives me crazy. That which can be worked on now (ie cleaning my bathroom) just isn’t too appealing. I think I’ll clean all my fish tanks tonight so that the little guys will be happy while I’m gone, even if mom over-feeds them and makes their water icky.

As you darn well better know by now, unless you’ve been under a rock, Kelly will be here on Monday, we will have all sorts of fun on Tuesday, and then Wednesday morning we leave for Simucon in St. Louis, where we will be until Sunday. We will have Kel’s laptop, as well as the computer lab there, but if I were you, I really wouldn’t expect either of us to update until we get back. Plus, I have promised I wont spend time in the computer lab this year, so if I do post, it will be a darn quick one. If you want to send me text messages on my snazzy new cell phone while I’m gone, email me and I will tell you how!

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