Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Have you ever spent money for a reason you knew was really, truly, deeply stupid, but just couldn’t resist? This has happened to me. I saw an ad for this nifty magazine called Ready Made. They send you a free trial copy, and they said that if it didn’t amuse you, to just write “This does not amuse me” on the invoice and send it back. Cute. Well, yesterday I got the invoice, and was all ready to write “This does not amuse me”, because although it was a pretty nifty magazine, I really cant afford to spend money on another magazine subscription. (big emphasis on another, there) Well, I grinned when I read the top where it said “Stop this invoice madness! Send us money now!” but then I got to the bottom, where it was talking about canceling- “Just write SCOUNDRELS! In big letters across this invoice. Just know that we’ll probably take it personally.” That did it. I was amused enough by their invoice alone that I decided to go ahead and subscribe. I have been taken in.

Today I stopped by BN with the intentions of reading a chapter from Joe Kita’s “Another Shot” and then being on my way. However, I soon found myself holding not only that, but “The Bad Girl’s Guide to the Open Road” and the Idiot’s guide to journaling (keep your comments to yourself!) Next thing I knew, I had read the Bad Girl’s Guide in its entirety (and now really want to take a road trip!), browsed the Idiots guide, and decided I better put Joe off for another day.

I must admit that when I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a lady coming out of the store, and I coveted her plastic bag full of books. I wanted to walk out with my own bag, crammed full of glorious books. I knew then that I wasn’t going to make it out of there without buying something, so I set a mental $5 limit and figured I’d get a magazine or if I was lucky, find something interesting in the sale rack. On my way out, I finally decided I’d go ahead and buy another copy of the Wish List, because mine is MIA, I really want to work on my Escapades/Quests list, and hey, it was only $7. If I find my other copy, I can send it to Kelly. Right now, I cant wait to attack this one with a hilighter. The book is essentially someone’s list of things they want to do in a lifetime. The best part is that while I do steal some, it really just gives me inspiration to come up with my own. Something listed will remind me of something else, and it just snowballs from there. It also has some listed that I would have never, ever thought of, but that I really like the sound of. So, yay.

Extreme Ironic Sadness: Having your favorite sunglasses fall into the toilet at a gas station bathroom while you’re trying to put one of those little paper seat protectors on.

I was listening to Dr. Laura yesterday (one of those people I love to hate. More on that later) while I was driving, and this lady called in and said that her daughter was in this college prep school. My mind automatically pictures a girl of high-school age, doesn’t yours? Well, then the lady says that she pays $10,000 a year for her to go there! Now I’m not very wise in the ways of private schools, but 10k a year! She could just buy the girl a new car every year instead! And THEN comes the part that almost made me drive off the road. The girl just graduated… kindergarten. Now tell me, what damn kindergarten is so good that it is worth 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR? Do they have gourmet paste? Finger Painting with Picasso? WTF? Can someone explain this to me?

On my drives, I pass a church that always has amusing quotes on its board. Yesterdays- “Wal-Mart isn’t the only place that saves”

Pure Evil: Guy who sits behind you at Barnes & Noble when you’re trying to read and keeps making business calls on his cell phone. Evil.

Question that popped into my head while pumping gas: Why on earth does the little thing on the gas pump that tells you how much your gas costs go up to the $1000’s? In what scenario would anyone really be buying more than $999? I really think they could have stopped it in second digits, to be honest.

Pet Peeve: When people say “Walla!” or something similar when they mean “Voila”

The kittens have taken over my life. They are still living in my bathroom for the most part, as I just cant bear to leave them outside alone yet, and we haven’t gotten over to Lowes to buy some sort of device to fence them in. I love having them in there, but every time I go in the bathroom for any reason, I am stuck in there for at least a half hour playing with them. They are needy like that! I picked them up some actual cat toys at PetSmart yesterday, and photos of that are to follow once I get some batteries for my digital camera. Evil non-working battery charger…

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