Sunday, June 23, 2002

I am slowly, slowly inching my way towards moving out. I now have a dvd player, my own tv, and guard kittens, which are really the only essentials besides a microwave that one needs to live. My original plan was to find an apartment somewhere, but then I started thinking. It would be pretty damn hard to find an apartment where the kittens would have room to be outside. And I really don’t like living that close to people. So, my new theory is to try to find a really, really, really cheap house. Or, I may buy a trailer. I know, you know your life is really pathetic when you’re living in a double-wide in the Ozarks, but when you look at it, its not that bad of an option. Rather than paying monthly rent on the apartment, I could be making payments on the trailer, and when I’m ready to move elsewhere, I could sell it for about seven dollars. I’d be much happier if I could just find a crappy little house somewhere, but I’m not too picky at this point. I’d love to find something with two bedrooms so that I can make my friends stay with me all the time, and when they aren’t there, I can use the second one as an office.

On the good side, my mom is very ready to help out financially, because she is so excited about the idea of getting rid of me. She says she just wants me to not have to live at home anymore, but I know she is secretly just waiting until she can use my bedroom for storage space. On the bad side, it seems that one needs a LOT of stuff for their own house. I own two desks, a bookshelf, and a bed. Four wine glasses and an assortment of Disney resort mugs. Two beach towels. Anyone else thinking this may be a problem?

I could probably get by without a phone except that I need internet access.

Right now I’m starting off by going through all my junk and trying to get rid of a lot of it. The problem with my bedroom is that I have enough junk for an entire house crammed into these tiny walls. I need room to stretch out.

Oh, another reason I want to buy something cheap vs. renting is that I want to have the ability to paint the walls purple today, and lime green tomorrow if I want. I don’t want to have to worry what my landlord allows me to do. I want to be able to build shelves to hold my fish.

And speaking of building things, today my dad and I (Yes, we are speaking again) built a pen for the kittens outside. Its about 5x5 ft, and 3 feet high. It took Cassie an entire hour before she got out. It looks like we’re going to have to get a cover out of it, since its general purpose is to contain the kittens, and its not doing that so well. Silly kittens. I must admit, as much fun as it is for them to tell me how cool I am every time I set foot in my bathroom, it will be nice to have my bathroom back for myself. Espeicially since they discovered jumping in and out of the tub today, and you know that’s just leading towards disaster.

I need some advice here. I got this absolutely beautiful sarong type thing (Is it called a sari?) from India while I was at Simucon. Its about 12 feet long, and I really want to hang it on my wall, since I obviously wont be wearing it that often, but I’m not sure how to do so without hurting the fabric. Any suggestions?

I’m at that stage where I am completely disgusted with my bedroom, and I essentially want to throw everything out in the hallway, and put things back one at a time so that I am forced to go through them. However, every time I do this, I tend to lose steam/interest about halfway through, and am left with a huge pile of junk in the hallway. That’s not currently acceptable. So, my new game plan is to go rent a few movies and attempt to work on it while I watch them. There is a problem with this though. I don’t have my vcr hooked up in my room, and really don’t want to bother with it. However, dvd’s are $3 a DAY at the closest video place. Therefore, I can either hook up the VCR and get some cheap videos, or drive about 10 minutes to the $1.99 dvd place, or just suck it up and clean with no movies. I don’t really think the latter is an option, because this is some really heavy duty cleaning. It involves things coming out of my closet that have probably been in there longer than…well, a long time.

Oh, the other problem is that I have absolutely no idea where I put my money. I think its on my desk somewhere, but you never know. I have to admit, I’m currently VERY tempted to go rent Harry Potter. Its sounding very good right now, but really, $3 for something netflix will send me next week anyway? I’m having trouble deciding. If only we still had good tv.

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