Sunday, June 16, 2002

I am still suffering from post-simucon depression. I cant believe I have already been home for a week- I don’t remember a single thing that happened this week, other than getting the kittens (Who, by the way, I just figured out I should have named Allison and Tabitha so I could call them Alli-cat and Tabby-cat! Oh well.) Now, I admit that post-simucon depression is nowhere near as bad as Post Disney Depression, but its up there on the list. I miss everyone like crazy, and I miss the atmosphere in general.

I was supposed to go riding today, but I skipped out, and my plan is to have an extremely lazy day- the kind where I shall lay in bed all day and finish Harry Potter, perhaps go rent a dvd or two, play the sims, and eat. I have been needing one of these days, and I think today shall be it. Of course, this means that my phone will probably ring in 2 minutes saying that I have to work. Well, actually, I’d be thrilled if I got a call sometime after 8 tonight- I get paid extra for it being after 8, and extra for it being Sunday. A midnight hospital run while I’m wide awake from playing the Sims would be perfect- a whole day’s worth of $ in less than two hours. Everyone cross your fingers for that, ok?

You may have noticed that I now have the blogathon webring graphic and the sponsor button on my sidebar now. Yes, you figured it out- I’m doing it again! If you weren’t here last year (Man, where WERE you?) the blogathon is a great event where a few hundred half-crazed bloggers (that would be me) stay awake for 24 hours, posting at least once every half hour. Now, as if that weren’t good enough for us, we throw in the charity part, which means that very nice readers (that being you) sponsor the hard-working bloggers (me again) at either a flat rate or so much per hour. All of this money goes to the charity of the blogger’s choice, mine being the Mary Kay Ash Charitable fund this year, which sponsors cancer research, and works against domestic violence.

I beg everyone to take part in this one way or another. Blog if you can, and if you cant, sponsor someone, even if it isn’t me. And please, be prepared to IM, Email, and comment to keep me awake all that time, ok? July 27- be there.

And now a quick side note—I was going to post the simucon post with a bunch of pictures, but we are all still deciding where they are going to be hosted and getting approval from everyone to post them, so no pictures yet. I will let you know when they are up though?

As promised, the Simucon Post, also known as…

Simucon Kicked My Ass

This is a tough post to write for several reasons. For one, I hardly know where to start. Next, it was one of those vacations when all of the events kind of run together in your memory in a blur. And of course, writing about it means that its over, which is always very sad.

Kelly got to my house on Monday night, and we were very excited to see each other. Something in our brains thought it would be fun to stay up until 4am as “training” for the con. We talked constantly, and had a good time catching up. The next morning we had to get up at 9 the next morning so we could run some errands. We went to Best Buy to get batteries for Kelly, and a memory card for my computer. I had planned on getting a 64mb one for $40, but ended up getting a 128mb one for $60.

We went riding at about 3, and had a really good short trail ride. We got to play in the creek and all sorts of fun stuff. Then we ran back to Monica’s, changed clothes, and despite trying desperately to make it to Dixie on time, missed about 15 minutes of the show. We stayed at Monica’s that night, and ended up staying awake until around 12 playing cards. Wednesday morning we had to do some last minute details, and then we were off! We had to stop off in Springfield so I could make a delivery, but we were actually on our way by about 11! (I tried to sum up all the pre-simucon events as quickly as I could, because I tend to go on and on about minor details.)

St. Louis is about four hours from where I live- the perfect roadtrip duration for two people who are really excited to get somewhere, but are also excited to have a roadtrip together. Kel made 2 roadtrip cd’s, so we were all set! About an hour from home, we discovered that we forgot to bring Party Buddha, which was quite sad, so I drew a picture of him and stuck it on the dash board. At one point we got stuck in traffic for several minutes. We called Shaun, who made fun of us being stuck, so we wished traffic upon him. Ten or twenty minutes later, he called us to say he too was stuck in traffic. We found this very, very amusing. Believe it or not, we made it to St. Louis without getting lost. I attribute this to my excellent map-reading. “Kelly, we are only two inches from St. Louis now!”

When we got to the hotel, Shaun immediately found Kel, and Remi & Jennifer found me, and everything is kind of a blur after that. I’m pretty sure that we hung out in the bar for the rest of the night until it closed. The hotel had just remodled an entire wing, and the fire marshal had deemed it not up to code, and so they had to move a LOT of our people to a nearby best western for the first night. Then, upstairs, the hotel was stupid enough to put some flight attendants who had to work the next morning right across the hall from Quavvy’s bar. Therefore, Quavvy’s got shut down that night, and half of our people had to go back to their own hotel early, so the party ended early that night.

I think I need to give up trying to tell this chronologically right here, because that just isn’t going to work.

Thursday night, we all gathered to play games. Sever people, including Kelly and I ended up playing a game called Cranium. At first, we weren’t too excited, because it included things and other general public embarrassment. However, then we got motivation (and vodka!) There was an inflatable monkey on the table that we started playing with. We decided we had to have the monkey, so we asked Todd about it, and he decided that if we won, we could keep the monkey as a prize. Now it was war. The most memorable part of the game was when an actor from each team had to act out the word “Missionary.” All I’m saying is that the monkey was involved, and that Idont think he was ever the same afterwards.

Well, as you can guess, we drew, acted, and worked our way to winning that monkey! There was much rejoicing.

Friday evening was the costume judging, which meant I had to dye Remi’s hair platinum blonde. It actually turned out well, seeing I’ve never dyed anyone’s hair except my own. I missed one spot about the size of a quarter on the side of her head, but some creative hairstyling covered it well. Oh, yeah, it was permanent dye. We walk on the wild side ;)

Friday night, we had a live band and ended up dancing from around 11pm until 6am. What else can I really say about that? Other than that we did it again the next night, only until about 7 this time.

We did of course make our ritual journey to Schuncks, where I don’t think any of the employees could figure out why we were so damn excited to be there. As if just going to Schnucks wasn’t good enough, Elena, Gabby and I all bought airheads, and there were snazzy blue glasses inside!

I think at this point all I can do is post a few pictures, because there is too much story to tell, and just not enough words to tell it. So, wait patiently for the pictures.

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