Friday, June 14, 2002

This is your basic post to tell you that I haven’t had time to post lately. That, and to show you my two very cute new kittens, Cassie and Talulah/Lulu. I went by my sister’s today to pick up the kitten I had picked out (cassie), who was supposed to be male (obviously not) I saw Lulu too (Who I really wanted to name Tolouse, but obviously again, not male) and I just had to have her too. So, I came home with two kittens in a box, convinced my parents were going to kill me (Mom knew about 1, dad had no idea we were getting any new pets.) Dad took it surprisingly well, which was my biggest concern.

Anyway, the girls are currently inhabiting my bathroom, because its stormy out, and also because I am scared to death that bad things will happen if I let them outside. I will have to deal with these issues tomorrow. Cassie is the lovey snuggly one, and Lulu, last I saw, was trying to kill my plunger.

(Note- the following was written last night(Weds.))

Betsey Johnson is trying to kill me. That is the only explanation I have, really. Why does she continue to design such cute clothes, and then put them up on her website as if to say “Look at these cute clothes you cant afford! Ha ha ha!” And then I wonder how long it would take me to be able to afford that $120 camisole. When will I wake up one morning and find myself living the life where I can buy a $120 shirt without blinking?

$120 shirt

And then, after literally salivating over these cute clothes Betsey is taunting me with, and cringing over the prices next to them, I commit the ultimate sin: I look up Betsey Johnson on Ebay. The really difficult part of this is that Betsey’s old stuff (circa 80’s in particular) is, to put it nicely.. awful. So, yes, while I could buy a Betsey dress for $9.99 on Ebay, sadly the one I want is still $285.

The $285 Dress I must own

Dress now on sale for $90 that I am seriously considering getting

If you haven’t noticed, I am in fact home from Simucon. I plan to write up a quick report tonight, and try to post it with a few pictures either late tonight or tomorrow. I can really sum it up in two sentences though: It was way too much fun. (and) Simucon kicked my ass. Stay tuned for more details!

I seem to have developed this horrible, potentially really big problem of a new habit. I am now addicted to buying technological gadget in the three-digit price range. Two weeks ago: $150 dvd player. Week ago: $350 digital camera. Today: $200 tv. You see, the problem was that my old tv was basically older than I, and so it had no idea what this silly DVD machine was trying to do to it. I decided that I needed to expand my horizons (and my screen size!) So I traded in my less-than-10 inch screen for a snazzy new 23”. The problem was that I still couldn’t get my dvd player to work with it. I called customer support, and the lady couldn’t get me in touch with one of their people, so she was going to arrange for a repair person to come to my house. I told her I was sure that wasn’t necessary, that it HAD to be something insanely basic, and so she tried again, and I got to speak to TJ the Repair Guy. Turns out, I had to push the “Game” button on my remote. They really could include that little detail in the manual, couldn’t they?

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