Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Wednesdays are great. I get up about 8, have to drive up to Springfield for a delivery, but then I have until around one to just hang out there. Today I went to BN and browsed for a while, then stopped in the mall, where I bought some cards that I want to frame for my walls. It was a good day.

I must confess that I am starting to become a bit nervous about my search for a new journal. I have been searcing for ages, and while I haven’t found “The One”, I have found that I’ve developed a set of specifications. For one, size does matter. I want one small enough to fit in my purse, but not so small that I go through twenty pages at once. It must also have plenty of pages, as I have no desire to go through this search again anytime soon. I prefer unlined to lined, but if I could find one that has both, I’d be pleased. I’ve found that I don’t particularly like spiral bound. Cover art should either be the sort that inspires me to write, or non-existant. I adore the handmade paper ones I’ve seen so many of, but I would feel obligated to only write “worthy” things on their soft pages.

When it comes right down to it, I really just want one that I enjoy writing in. Its really too bad you cant test them ahead of time, isn’t it. I think I may have found one today- Its about 4x6 and two inches thick, leather bound and unlined. It has a little gold ribbon in it to mark your place. It just feels right, and I am tempted to rush over to the ATM so I can buy it now. Why doesn’t BN have an ATM? Any place with a Starbucks should be required to have an ATM.

Oh, yes, getting back to the point, Im not allowing myself to buy a new journal until I finish my old one. Not much longer! If only I’d been writing there instead of scribbling these notes in my day planner, I’d be a lot closer. I need a book I can trust, because its going to hear a LOT.

Yesterday I found myself looking at hair dye colors, and I was hit with the sudden realization of freedom: I don’t work at Dixie any more- My hair can be any color I want. I no longer have to ask anyone before I dye it or cut it. I have a feeling that this realization is going to lead to a period of hair rebellion in which I have red hair with blonde highlights one day, and black with blue chunks the next. I’m sure, however, that this phase will end pretty quickly, as the newness wears of… or when my hair all falls out. But then, Oh! The wig possibilities!

Pet Peeve- When mini golf courses and similar places put blue food coloring in the water in their waterfalls and such and make it look really fake.

I think to be perfectly honest, what I miss the most about Simucon is having the constant group of 5-30 friends around. That surprises me, because I usually don’t like being around that many people for too long, but I found that as long as I can still sneak away for a few minutes now and then, I’m good. Anyway, I’m just realizing how solitary I am at home. I’m alone all the time when I’m working and most of the time at home and I guess I’m just getting lonely. I would love to have that small group of friends like on Sex & The City or Friends, but I don’t. My best friends live halfway across the country, and my local friends just aren’t the same. I could easily fall back into the crowd I grew up with but I really don’t want to. They’re good for dinner and a movie, or the occasional weekend, but they aren’t the “Girl’s night out, tell-all, no-secrets, trust you with anything” people to me. I guess essentially, they aren’t Kelly. I need to find people around here who are more like me. Or, maybe its time to move.

Netflix has really got me now. I am in love with that service. It makes me so happy to get DVD’s in the mail, and not having any late fees saves me a fortune. The other day I made the mistake of clicking on the “Have more DVDs at home” link, and now I have upgraded to where I pay $5 a month more for one more dvd out at a time, bringing me up to 4 at once. It goes up to having like 8 out at once, but by that time you’re paying a ton, and really, who can watch THAT many dvd’s a month? I can see how that would be very good if you were, say, stuck at home with a broken leg. But to make that practical, you really have to be watching like 50 movies a month. And why am I still talking about this?

Its funny, because I've always hated driving, but now I'm actually starting to enjoy it. Its so peaceful- it gets me out of my house, and its alone time, which I adore. I get to listen to my favorite music, daydream, and just think about things. My left arm is getting realy tan.

Wow. I was just flipping through channels, and I came across a movie showing three people in a room, and I immediately knew it was a version of The Great Gatsby, even though I’ve never seen this version. Mmm, Sabrina yesterday and Gatsby today! Life’s good.

Top 5 Reasons I want to get rid of my truck

1-Sucky Gas Mileage

2-It has no soul. It still hasn’t told me its name

3- It does not fit the bad girl persona that I like to think I secretly have

4-It is not a road trip sort of car.

5-It cant do 80 up a hill. ‘Nuff said

I’m watching this new American Idol show, and man, the judges are MEAN! I could never stand up there like these people do and hear “I think that was a bad song choice.” “I’ve seen you better, that wasn’t very good.” “You shouted that song, instead of singing it.” If people said that to me, I’d cry! And they just nod and thank them for their time! I’m impressed with that. I guess now that I’m thinking about it though, I take tons and tons of criticism when I’m in a riding lesson. It’s a constant “You know how to ride better than that! Do this! Do that! No, not like that! No, your OTHER left!” I guess after a while you learn not to personalize it, and even under all that, I know I’m good, getting better. And these kids are damn good, or else they wouldn’t be on this show. I still want to give them a cookie, though.

The only thing that’s starting to scare me about reality tv (only?) Is that they seem to have everything on now! Follow these kids as they try to put together a band! Watch these sorority sisters go through their freshman year! I’m afraid that soon we will be divided between the people who live their lives, and the people who sit back and watch others live.

We just had a RenFaire on Modus, which you should be playing if you aren’t, by the way. The high point of the Faire for me was definitely the costume contest, which Kelly and I decided to enter about five minutes before it started. Our act was horribly embarrassing, but a lot of fun. We ended up winning, which cracked us up beyond belief. For some reason, everything she and I get together on comes out well. Go us.

Cassie’s thought process is evolving. When I first got her and she wanted to be picked up, she would run up to my leg, get a running start, jump on it and try to climb up. Then I got her trained to just sit by my foot and look at me with her cute look. Now, however, she has things figured out. She sits on the toilet seat, so that I have to pick her up before I can sit. Smart, smart cat. This morning I woke up when she climbed on my butt. Cute.

I took about 30 pictures of the girls yesterday, and I am showing much restraint in not posting them all, but you know I have to show a couple. At least I posted them over here and not right on the blog.

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