Sunday, July 07, 2002

At the moment, they are in the kitchen playing their new favorite game. We give them a few wrapped pieces of candy (and tonight, a ketchup packet, too) and they bat them with their paw, sending the candy skittering across the slick kitchen floor. They chase after it for a while, and then pick it up in their mouth and carry it off. Try as I might, I cant get a single picture of one of them carrying something in their mouth- I tried for about ten minutes tonight, but every time I got close my camera would refuse to take the picture because the batteries are very weak, or the kitten would move too quickly. Its really a shame, because it’s the cutest damn thing I’ve seen in ages.

(I adore how I can simultaneously be scrounging up $500 for a down payment on a car and planning out a $5000 vacation. I suppose I live vicariously through my planning…) My hope for this next trip is to really focus on immersing myself in whatever I’m doing and wherever I am. Staying at the Animal Kingdom lodge that night? I want to order something African from the room service menu and spend the evening on my balcony watching zebra and giraffes. I want to wander around and talk to the people working there (most of them are from Africa), and talk to the animal keepers about the animals in depth. I want to examine the African art in the gift shop. I want the experience. On the far more simple side, say I’m staying at the All Stars Movies resort (the cheapest side of Disney resorts. Think Motel 6 on crack. 3-story movie characters, bright colors… you get the idea) While I’m there, I want to wander around and check out all the massive movie characters, eat cheap food court food, play in the arcade, etc. It may sound abnormally cheesy, but I always end up overlooking so much and really not making the best use of my time. I want to try a different approach to vacation. Who cares if I actually stick to this plan, its fun to think about. Man, I promise to shut up about Disney vacations one of these days. Well, actually, no I don’t.

I did Monica’s Skaggs Hospital West run for her on Wednesday, and as a result, I got to speak a phrase that should go down in history. As I was getting the Boxes O’Stuff (I usually pick up their blood samples, x-rays, and other things I don’t care to know the true identity of..) out of my truck, some x-rays fell off of the paper clip attached to this folder. First of all, who paper clips x-rays to the outside of a folder? Put them in for the love of Pete! I grabbed them off the ground before anyone noticed, and stuck them in the folder (I hope?) they went in. I dropped the boxes off in the lab and went to pick up my check. I had no gas, but I was in a hurry to get home so I decided I’d press my luck and run on empty. While I was opening my check envelope in my truck outside the building where I get it, I noticed something in the passenger seat. There was an x-ray in my truck. I picked it up, and it was quite obviously a foot. Muttering a few obscenities at having to drive BACK to the hospital, and simultaneously being really embarrassed that I had to go back in the lab and feel particularly stupid and incapable at the mistake, I drove back to the hospital, still on empty. However, it was all totally worth it to get to walk in, find my Microbiologist of choice, and say “I just found this foot in my car, I thought it might be important” and make us both laugh like idiots. I mean really, how often do you honestly get to say “I found this foot in my car…”

Kelly and I somehow got on this kick of doing all of those “What’s your (whatever) name” things. My “pirate name” is Mad Ethel Bonney “Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!”

As for my Exotic name-“The stage clears, and all eyes turn to you, The Enchanting Melanie Mischief.” And my absolute personal favorite, my Cereal Name: “Available in low-brow convenience marts everywhere, it's:Chunky Brown Sugar Hunks” Classic!

And of course..

Me: “And so your road trip alias is what you had for breakfast, and the location of your last vacation.”

Me: So, I’d be Oreo StLouis

Kelly: I’d be Godiva Louis

Me: You know, maybe its time for us to re-examine our eating habits.

I woke up on Friday morning, and immediately decided I was going to go test drive the Mustang down the street. The car lot that its at has a horrible reputation, but I figured that if nothing else, I’d come out of the deal with a few minutes of mustang-driving’ bliss. I was looking at the car, and by the shape of the tail lights, I guessed it was a 97 or 98. I was then perplexed when the tag said 96. I was totally sure that they hadn’t switched to the square design until 97, so I hunted down the dealer and asked him. He of course had no idea, so after I drove the car (mmmmmm…), I asked him to run a Car Fax on it so I could see if it had been in a wreck and they had changed the lights or something. I was one self-assured little chica. Well, the car fax was taking forever, so I said I’d stop back by later to get it. Needless to say, with this being me, I forgot. Well, seeing that I woke up at 6am today, I decided I really had nothing better to do than look it up online. Being the Mustang girl that I am, all of this looking at photos of them was obvious torture. (Well, actually, it kinda was since mine is STILL over at the ford dealer while they try to break the icy hearts of ford credit) Anyway, guess what. I was wrong. The new tail light design started in 96, so I now feel like a big ass.

You may have noticed that I just said I woke up at 6am today. Very observant, you are (and sound like Yoda, I do!) I’ve had this evil runny nose/head thing going on for the past two days. I spent most of yesterday in bed, and although its still icky today, when I randomly woke up at 6, I could tell that I obviously wasn’t falling asleep anytime soon, so I just got up.

Right now, unless Marc the Ford Guy can work something else out, the only way I can get my car is if I come up with $500 to put down. Apparently, Ford Credit (bastards) wont give me the loan unless my car payments are the same or lower than my truck payments, which in a way is a good thing, because I really cant afford much more a month. It seems they are pretty close (they dropped the price of the car to like, three dollars for me), but still off enough that Ford Credit still says no. Therefore, if I could put like $500 down, this would lower my payment the extra $10 or $20 a month it needs. The obvious problem here is that I don’t have $500 laying around to put down, especially when about a month after I get the car, I will have to pay around $600 in taxes. Mom cant loan me any, and dad pretty much wont since I still owe him around $250 for my camera. I seriously don’t see myself coming up with $500 anytime soon, so I’m really hoping Marc works something out before I die of Mustang deprivation. On the good side of things, Karen will be out of town for the next three weeks, so I will be working for her the whole time. Yay! This means I will at least have enough cash to pay my bills this month, and maybe a little extra, but definitely not $500 extra. My one other outside hope is the Fruit Loops card. Remember it? If that credit card comes in the mail, I can put the $500 on it. I know, getting myself in more credit card debt is obviously not the brightest idea at this point and time, but a) its for the CAR, and b) at this point, am I really going to even notice $500 added to all the money I owe? Doubtful.

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