Friday, July 26, 2002

Barbara, I dont know you, but I love you!

Now the rest of you all know you want to be as cool as Barbara the Unknown! She just sponsored me for $50 for the blogathon! Isnt she the coolest? I dont even have a URL where I can go adore her, which makes me kind of sad. I wonder if its Barbara the waitress from Simucon, she's the only one I know!

The blogathon starts TOMORROW! Eek! How did this happen so quickly? I'm feeling totally unprepared, but how does one really prepare for this? All I learned last year is to have food, a digital camera, and plenty of movies. This year I also have a mission. Kelly put up a list of 100 random things about her on the little "about me" section of her page, and since we all know Kelly is my idol, I have decided I should do this too. Honestly, with the two of us sharing a brain, when one gets a good idea, both really need to run with it because you never know when another good one will come around!

My other source of amusement will be running a big Mary Kay sale while I blog. I just decided this, to tell you the truth. So, head on over to anytime during the blogathon (8am Saturday-8am Sunday) and I'll give you 10% off any website orders. I rock, eeh? I'll also donate another 10% of what's made to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation (The organization I'm blogging for!) The MKACF is an organization Mary Kay started a few years ago that provides funds for research in women's cancers, as well as working against domestic violence.

Kind of going hand in hand with this, for every lipstick I sell during this sale, I'll donate one to a local women's shelter. That's one of my favorite things to do, because so many women there are out trying to get jobs, and something like makeup can really help their self esteem.

So, that's the rundown! If you have any topics you want me to write about, any deep dark secrets, anything you've always wanted to know but have never asked, now is the time my friend! By about 6am, I will be so out of it I will be telling you anything! So, see that lovely comment link down there? Click it already and tell me what you want to hear!

See you in the morning!

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