Saturday, July 27, 2002

Figured I might as well share the whole Vader/Maul debate. We've had this before, but I think I put up a darn good argument!

CrystalW07: Super-Penis is still no match for Maul

Rich: LOL no way, super penis kicks ass!

Rich: have you watched empire yet?

CrystalW07: watching

CrystalW07: maul is horny!

Rich: He'd beat the living piss out of maul

CrystalW07: no way!

CrystalW07: maul knows how to handle his lightsaber ;-)

CrystalW07: and he has all that martial arts stuff going for him

Rich: Dude, Vader is the baddest Sith ever

CrystalW07: no way

CrystalW07: maul has a nice body, too!

CrystalW07: and he's a way better dresser

Rich: lol maul would get his ass kicked like a little girl.

Rich: vader isn't invincible but he's undefeated. maul got killed in his first movie

Rich: And Vader has more mitochlorians than anyone else, even Yoda!

CrystalW07: they never tested Maul!

CrystalW07: and dude, if I had those sexy Ewan eyes looking at me, I'd be too distracted to live too!

Rich: Maul was good, but not near Vader stature

Rich: rofl

CrystalW07: not even a sith lord can overcome the power of the Ewan Sex Appeal

Rich: lol

CrystalW07: Vader just had Alec Guiness to deal with. Anyone could ignore him!

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