Saturday, July 20, 2002

Forgive me all, for I have sinned. It has been 13 days since my last post! Can you believe that? I sure can't. It always seems like the more that I have going on, the less I get around to posting. First, because its the absolute most important thing you will hear all day, if not all year...


(and the people rejoiced! Yay!)

I am speakably happy. Really. I had almost given up hope, but then one morning in the mail, there it was: the Fruit Loops Card ! It only had a $500 limit, so I was kind of torn. $500 can pay a lot of bills. $500 can make the Mary Kay order I really need to put in. $500 can buy one fantastic day at Barnes & Noble! However, it was pretty damn obvious what I really wanted to do with that money, so I called up Ford and told them that I now had $500 for a down payment, so Marc the Money Guy said he'd resubmit the loan application, and get back to me sometime after 1:30. Well, Greg the Car Sales Guy called me back around 4 while I was coming home from my bank run, telling me to go out there. I was like "Um, so this is good news?" and he said that the car was mine. I boogied. I was bouncing up and down and clapping at a busy stoplight, it was a beautiful thing.

I'll leave out the part where I run around in a frenzy trying to get $500 from an ATM before calling customer service in a panic, only to have them tell me I can only take out $300 in a 24 hour period. Luckily, Marc said I could just drop by the rest the next day, so I went out to pick up my car! She is beautiful and I love her. For those of you who havent been playing along at home, she is a 2001 Ford Mustang, white with black/grey interior. I love her. She has a little button I push that adjusts the tilt of my seat-- even Mustang Sally didnt have that! I love her. She has this traction control system that will keep me from spinning out and such in rain (And most likely prevent the 360* turn in the middle of a road while trying to make a left turn in the rain that Mustang Sally did that one time...) This will be a handy feature, and it makes me feel a lot safer. I love her. She has that yellow handle in the trunk with a picture of a little man running away on it that you pull to open the trunk if you get locked in there. I love her. I love the little man. I think he needs a name. I will call him Pete.

Well, anyway, all of that was Tuesday, and its now Saturday, and the new car and I are still blissfully happy together. I've already put a hell of a lot of miles on her- I'd assume about 700. Its been a busy week!

Totally random thing: While driving home from Kryger's, I noticed a sign outside a gas station that read "We sale beer now." I dont think I even need to comment on that, do I?

I've been housesitting for Monica since Wednesday. At first it was a bit surreal, waking up in a house that isnt mine and walking out to a new car. It took a while to get used to the quiet, but now I'm loving it and dreading going home. I'm kind of a hermit by nature, so I'm enjoying having the place to myself. I've been stopping by my house every day to feed the fish, pick up things I need that I forgot to bring, and see the kittens. I've decided that I'll bring them out here today. How long they stay depends on how well they get along with Monica's dog Max and cat Lucy. And of course how insane they drive me!

So, that's pretty much it. I've been working my butt off doing my runs and Monica's too, but its good money, which makes me happy. Oh! Speaking of which.. I was late with my truck payment last month because I had planned on getting my car and not needing to make it, so I thought I would have to send in a double payment plus late fee this Friday, and I was totally financially prepared for once. Then mom tells me that because the loan has been rewritten for my car, I dont have to pay this. She is almost 100% sure, but I'm calling Ford to be sure. However, this pretty much means I have $570 to do whatever I want with. Sadly, this means I'll put in my MK order and pay bills, but I think it allows a book or two and the boots I found yesterday that I must have. Hooray.

Finally, today is the deadline that we must all have 3 sponsors for the blogathon by, and I currently only have 2, so if you would like to sponsor me, even if its just for a dollar, go do it, please! You can either sponsor so much per hour, or just a flat rate. I will love you to pieces no matter what you do! I promise!

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