Saturday, July 27, 2002

I found my book of questions!

The first question:

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? Would you be willing to spend the night alone in a house that was supposedly haunted?

Absolutly, and no. I’m totally fascinated by paranormal stuff, but I get scared way too easily! My sister and I did go to a hotel that’s haunted down in Arkansas. It used to be a hospital, and then a mental institution, and then a private school, I believe. The freakiest thing was that I had read that several people have seen apparitions in the upstairs hallways, so we went up to the third floor. When we came back down, my 2 year old neice kept saying she wanted to go back up. When we asked why, she said there were people in the halls upstairs. We hadn’t seen anyone. Creepy.

I did go through a phase where I read ghost hunting stuff on the internet a lot, but that led to a lot of nights of not being able to sleep, so I had to quit. I also love shows like Haunted History in the History channel. Very cool.

I think one of the coolest things is Residual Hauntings. That’s when a building, usually a really old one made of certain types of stone “soaks up” what’s going on over time. Science has proved that these types of stone act almost like the tape in a cassette or video, and “plays back” sounds or images sometimes. Isn’t that cool? That’s why its so common to hear footsteps in old castles or something. Who knew there could be an actual scientific explanation?

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