Sunday, July 07, 2002

I have picked up this horrible habit of just jotting down notes for posts, or writing a few sentences and leaving them to finish later. The problem is that by the time I get around to actually posting, the things I had planned on telling you are either no longer relevant, or I’m just too lazy to write about because it happened days ago.

After posting my last entry, I realized that I totally forgot to tell you about the problem with my truck. As you may know, the Check Engine light has been coming on since before I took my truck in to Ford (and consequently found the Mustang). Then, the oil gague started freaking out. Well, being the smartie that I am, I checked my oil and found that it was low, so I put a quart in. Problem solved, right? Well, then I was up in Ozark on my way home from a delivery, and while I was at the gas station, I decided to go ahead and check it again. I pulled out the little dipstick, did the usual wiping off thing, and checked the oil. There was none on the stick. I stuck it in again, and sure enough: I had no oil. Now I may not be a car expert, but I had a feeling this wasn’t good for the general well-being of my truck. I drove to the Super Wal-Mart across the street to pick up some oil, and started wondering if perhaps the little screwy thing (told you I was a car expert) where I drain my oil when I change it was loose. I debated crawling under there to check, but I was working and didn’t want to get disgusting, so I stopped by their auto department and asked the guy how busy they were. He said they had a few cars in line, and so there was probably about a 45 minute wait. I told him “All I really need is someone to stick their head under my truck for like five seconds to check the oil cap. Isnt there anyone who has a minute for that?” but he went into this speech about how they had to take the cars in the order they come in, and they’d have to put it up on the racks, and all this other bs. I grumbled something about doing it myself and went to pay for my oil. Out in the parking lot, I put in 1 and a half quarts of oil (I had bought 3, but halfway through putting in the 2nd one, I seemed to lose coordination and was starting to be less successful at getting it in the hole without dripping, so I decided to wait till I got home where there was a funnel. Well, I drove back to Branson, and after I dropped off my delivery, I noticed the bottom of my truck was dripping stuff and smoking. I stuck a piece of paper under the drip to see if I could tell what it was (kinda hard to tell against pavement) and sure enough, it was oil. The problem was, it wasn’t dripping from where it would be dripping if the cap were just loose. I drove home and threw a general fit over my truck having issues and needing a vehicle for work and wanting my damn mustang NOW. My neighbor came over to check out my truck. He checked the oil, and I had none. The quart and a half I had put in about 30 miles ago was completely gone (not a good sign, for those of you playing along at home). He put my remaining quart in to see if he could tell where it was leaking from. This was when he discovered that my oil filter had a hole in it, and was generally spraying oil all over. Really, really not a good thing, but at least it was super cheap to fix.

So, now you know the truck story. Don’t you feel better now?

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