Saturday, July 27, 2002

I have to admit that I'm having a good time, and not getting a damn thing done. After the past two weeks of working constantly, its nice to be able to actually sit here and eat breakfast. Im getting to catch up on some websites I've neglected, and I'm coming across a few new blogs to bookmark while I work my way through the blogathon webring.

And look! Someone else was watching MST3K when I was! That's kinda cool.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about Mollie! I got an email from her last night. She's another Mary Kay consultant that I've never met, but she's holding a skin care class today, and is planning to donate 10% of what she makes. How sweet is that?

I really have attention span issues. I get so caught up reading other blogs and catching up on some message boards and IM's and playing Modus that I keep realizing that I have about three minutes left to write a post in. I've also discovered that I'm not truly happy unless I have at least 4 web pages, music, im's and a game going at once.

Listening to: A1- Caught in the Middle

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