Saturday, July 27, 2002

Kelly & the Vodka Voice

Now, before I tell this story, you have to understand that Kelly is my bestest friend and a fine, upstanding citezen. She would never do anything embarassing in public.

Anyway, when our dear Kelly drinks a bit too much, she gets what we have now affectionatly termed the "Vodka Voice". With the Vodka Voice, one tends to speak a sentence, and then repeat that sentence, stressing certain words of importance this time.


One night we ventured downstairs from the bar and found a bunch of people gathered around a piano singing (No, we weren't singing Hotel CA for once). Someone pointed to a bunch of beers on the floor, and Kel grabbed one. "Floor beer!" she exclaimed. "How cool is that?" About five minutes later...

(Kel looks at her hand with wonderment.)

Kel: "WHERE on earth did I get a beer? I dont remember getting this!"

Me: You picked it up from the floor five minutes ago. Right over there.

Kel: Oh! That's right! Floor beer!

(Kel holds up her beer for everyone to see.)

I have a beer from the floor! I have a BEER from the FLOOR!

Example #2.

Should I really tell example #2? Its a bit embarassing. Kel, what do you think? Oh, yes, you're not here. Perhaps I shall save this story for when she gets back. Feel free to go over to her blog and leave her comments begging for the "On Film!" story.

Anyway, the Vodka Voice is something we now use on a regular basis. "Look, Kel! I have new shoes! I have NEW SHOES!" You should really use it too. You know you want to be just like us.

PS to Kel- I love you man, but you're not here, so I get to tell all the embarassing stories I want! Muahahah.

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