Saturday, July 27, 2002

Look, it happened again! Its 11:25!

I'm listening to Drops of Jupiter. Have I told you the story about why I love this song? Well, if I did, it was at least a month ago, so most of you didnt hear it, so I'll tell it again. We were all at Simucon, and the Modus crowd (plus a few brave people from other games) had been up dancing all night in the hotel lobby. It was around 6am, so the band had gone home, and the DJ had quit. We had one guy there playing guitar for us, and he eventually decided to start playing the piano instead. Someone requested Drops of Jupiter, and so we all stood around while he played it. The only problem was that since we were all a) really sleepy and b) slightly intoxicated, nobody could remember any of the words except "tell me!" And so it went like this...

(pretty piano playing)

Drunken People: Tell me!... La la la la... and... hummm hmmmm, TELL ME!

It was a great night. I think I shall tell you more Simucon stories! Perhaps with pictures! That's always fun for a while.

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