Saturday, July 27, 2002

So, since I havent posted in about 37 years, lets get caught up while we have the chance. The car and I are still getting along fabulously, but I still haven’t named her. I’ve put about 1500 miles on her in the past week and a half. Really not my fault though, I’ve been working way too much!

Cassie-cat has been missing for about four days now. The first couple of days I didn’t think much of it, since she is the independent type and has gone away for a day or two at a time before, but now its been a really long time and I’m getting worried. Tallulah is going crazy without her around, she has nobody to play with! Plus, Lula got in a fight with some stray cat and nearly broke her leg. She was limping really badly at first, so I was planning on taking her to the vet the next morning, but she seems to be doing pretty well, so I think I may let it heal on its own. Its obviously not broken, so I hope I’m doing the right thing here. (Um, yeah. I’m the one who planned to be a vet and is taking the whole vet assistant course, and I’m not sure if I should take her to the vet or not. I feel pretty stupid, thanks.) Anyway, she has been spending a ton of time in the house with me, since I feel so bad about her little leg and lack of having her sister around for company. She watched Star Wars with me the other night. Seriously. She sat in bed with me and stared at the screen. I have one smart kitten.

Oh yes, and then there’s the donut story! I’ve been doing Monica’s hospital run, which involves about 45 minutes of driving all together. I was picking up the stuff from the doctor’s office across from Super Wal-Mart when I decided I could just stop there and pick up the new Harry Potter books I needed, and could therefore avoid driving to my own wal-mart. Well, I walked in, and there was the ol’ bakery section. They had donuts. Really, really good looking donuts. So, I grabbed three especially yummy looking ones, picked up a couple of things for dinner, and a magazine. When I checked out, it was $24. I paid the lady, and then stopped. $24? The hell? I looked at my receipt, and the first item listed was

Donuts: $15.98

$16 for three donuts? Those better be some damn good donuts! I showed the lady, and she discovered that she had in fact charged me for FOUR DOZEN DONUTS instead of three donuts! I cracked up the whole time I waited in line for the service desk. You know, that story really just isn’t as funny in print. Sorry.

Tallulah just came in here and jumped on my lap, so I think that’s kitten speak for “Stop typing and come play with me, woman!”, so I shall post this and go away.

And I just noticed how many different nicknames she has. Tallulah Jane. Lula. LJ. TJ. Not nearly as embarrassing as all of Cassie’s (which include Hufflepuff and Cassie-Pants). Collectively, I tend to refer to them as “kitten heads” or “kitten cats”.

Now please excuse me while I stop Lula from eating my earrings.

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