Saturday, July 27, 2002

Well, damn. I've spent too much time looking through simucon pics in the past few minutes, and now I dont have much time to write. I'll tell you a really short story.

Quavvy is a guy that runs a bar at simucon every year. His friends buy a hell of a lot of liquor, and all the simucon people (hundreds) head up there for free booze. We all love Quavvy (some of us more than others..).

This year, the Hilton made a horrible mistake. They scheduled a group of pastors and their families to be staying at the hotel at the same time as Simucon. I feel very bad for these people.

How do these two facts tie in together? Well, someone decided to steal the sign off a door reading "African American Coalition Pastor's Meeting" and stick it on Quavvy's door. So, when your random group of slightly drunk people (that being us!) walks up to room 428 and sees that sign on the door, we are very, very confused. We sneeeeak up to the door, and quietly open it.

"Think pastors would be smoking cigars and doing shots?"


"Oh, good. This is still Quavvy's then."

I saw several of the families.. they were quite the contrast to us in their sunday dresses and suits. We were wearing... um. Well, the Gemstone people were running around in medieval costumes, and most Modus people are just lucky to stay dressed.

African American Coalition Pastor's Meeting, wherever you are, we're sorry. And no, the hilton usually doesnt have those big chairs in their elevators.

Stay tuned for upcoming stories including:

Modus vs. Public Transportation!

Kelly and the Vodka Voice!

and the True Story of Albert the Drunk Monkey!

Look, me & Kel in a bar. Who knew?

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